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Tech Tip #147: 5 Ways to Involve Parents

Ask a Tech Teacher

In these 169 tech-centric situations, you get an overview of pedagogy—the tech topics most important to your teaching—as well as practical strategies to address most classroom tech situations, how to scaffold these to learning, and where they provide the subtext to daily tech-infused education.

Station Rotation Model Mini-Course Now Available!

Catlin Tucker

This school year has been intense! Teachers are eager to rest, recharge, and hit the reset button! Many teachers use the summer break to take stock of the year and reflect on what they want to do differently in the year ahead.

Course 195

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How to Raise a Computer-Savvy Generation

Ask a Tech Teacher

Raising computer-savvy children is complicated, whether you are a geek or a luddite. If you don’t pay attention, they teach themselves and not always the right way.

How To 291

Side-by-Side Assessments: Grading With Students

Catlin Tucker

After years of coaching and working with teachers, there are two things I consistently encounter that cause imbalance in the classroom and beyond. First, teachers spend significant time at the front of the room talking.

Designing Powerful Professional Learning Experiences for Making

Digital Promise

In 2021, six educators representing community-based organizations, libraries, public schools, and the Digital Promise Maker Learning team embarked on a journey to increase opportunities for virtual and remote maker learning.

How to block websites in K-12 schools


Across schools, students use devices like Chromebooks for learning because it has many advantages. But how do we protect learners while they are working online? It’s essential for schools to keep private information secure and block content that gets in the way of learning.

K-12 192

Embracing an Evolved Thought Process

A Principal's Reflections

It is quite hard to keep up with all the exponential changes we are experiencing. Take technology for example. We get used to a device or app and before we know it there has been a huge update that alters the experience or it’s gone and replaced by something else.

STEM 214

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Cultivating Digital Literacy through Real World Learning

Digital Promise

The post Cultivating Digital Literacy through Real World Learning appeared first on Digital Promise. Blog Educators Learning Experience Design

24 ideas for creating a discussion-rich classroom

Ditch That Textbook

Discussion can engage students and help them to see different perspectives. Here are strategies you can use to create a discussion-rich classroom. "I

EdTechTeacher Ownership Transition Announcement from Co-Founder Tom Daccord


I am happy to announce that I have sold EdTechTeacher Inc. to Tom Driscoll , who has now assumed the role of EdTechTeacher CEO. Tom is the consummate professional, a person of high integrity, and a leader of enormous abilities with an inspiring vision of student learning.

3 Ways to Deliver Feedback that Drives Change

Education Elements

"Feedback is a gift." Most of us have heard this common phrase as educators, coaches, and professionals. But if feedback is a gift, why does receiving it sometimes trigger uneasiness, anxiety, and stress? Teachers District Leadership School Leadership

Purchasing a USB-C Monitor – What to Bear in Mind

ViewSonic Education

A USB-C monitor uses the highly versatile – but super-fast – USB-C cable to connect to your device. As devices move towards a universal connection type, it’s useful to have the broad functionality of a USB-C connection on your display.

How to close learning gaps with the help of an intelligent learning platform


Even if schools strived to offer the best support and equitable distance learning opportunities, this was not always possible. Not all educational institutions could properly equip all their teachers with technology to ensure a smooth remote teaching experience.

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How to use digital textbooks in the K-12 classroom


Digital textbooks are cost-effective and create equitable, engaging and flexible learning experiences. What’s not to love? There are many advantages to using digital textbooks in the K-12 classroom for schools and districts.

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Subscriber Special: Discount Summer Tech Camp

Ask a Tech Teacher

Every month, subscribers to our newsletter get a free/discounted resource to help their tech teaching. May 9-11th. Summer Tech Camp Survival Kit. From Ask a Tech Teacher. Are you teaching a Summer Tech Camp to Kids? We have the solution: Build Your Own Adventure. 230 value for $179.

4 Ways to Weave Teacher Appreciation Throughout the Year

Education Elements

We all know that teachers should feel appreciated every day. As a former high school science teacher, I was filled up by the positive notes from students, small gifts, and verbal affirmations received during teacher appreciation week.

Best Monitor Calibration Tool: Hardware vs Software Calibration

ViewSonic Education

C olor accuracy is critical for all digital artists, and monitor calibration is the only way to ensure that the color displayed on your screen will be the one on paper or on screen when published. In general, the tools can be divided into software calibration and hardware calibration.

How Young Is Too Young to Learn to Read?


The key to lasting success in school is teaching academic skills as soon as a child is ready to learn. But how do we know when they’re ready? Is it ever too early to instill a love of reading ? When Do Children Learn to Read?

How To 130

Student well-being and pedagogy by making learning contextual: Tapping into students’ life experience for learning


Join H?para’s para’s Senior Director of Innovation, Rich Dixon and Shayla Adams-Stafford as they discuss how providing students with a sense of belonging, keeping them feeling safe and including culturally relevant material is critical for their success as learners.

Hapara 130

Game-Based Learning Prepares K–12 Students for a Digital Future

EdTech Magazine

As educators seek tools for online environments, one of the solutions they’re increasingly turning to is game-based learning. One of the best ways for students to learn is through play, and growing up in a digital world, they are already playing video games outside the classroom

Why Improving Student Learning is So Hard

Iterating Toward Openness

Here are a few brief thoughts about why improving student learning is so hard to do. Improving student learning requires changing student behavior – changing the things students do in order to learn.

OER 120

Domains of Digital Learning??


EdTechTeacher is so thrilled to welcome Jed Stefanowicz to our team of summer instructors. Jed Stefanowicz is a Digital Learning Coach in Walpole, MA, providing job-embedded professional learning and coaching for academic technology.

New resources target STEM via aerospace education

eSchool News

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), Estes Industries, and the National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) have joined together to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers through a new, multi-year initiative that will bring research-based aerospace education to thousands of classrooms nationwide.

STEM 113

Can’t miss sessions at ISTELIVE 22


Thrilled does not even begin to cover how excited we are to return to ISTE in June and, more importantly, to see everyone in person. But, of course, we also can’t wait to see all of the incredible sessions that will take place in New Orleans this year.

Hapara 130

5 Reliable K–12 Cybersecurity Resources

EdTech Magazine

Cybersecurity is a high priority in K–12 schools, now more than ever. IT administrators can easily become overwhelmed as they search for feasible solutions to combat the rising number cyberattacks against K–12 education.

The Metaverse: 5 Things Educators Should Know


As the metaverse draws increasing attention, a team of leading researchers has put together an evidence-based guide for educators

Domains of Digital Learning??


EdTechTeacher is so thrilled to welcome Jed Stefanowicz to our team of summer instructors. Jed Stefanowicz is a Digital Learning Coach in Walpole, MA, providing job-embedded professional learning and coaching for academic technology.

How mixed reality glasses can help struggling readers

eSchool News

Imagine you are a struggling reader. You dread reading…in any class. You feel like a failure, and you are starting to hate school. One day, your science teacher brings in a Microsoft HoloLens headset.

From digital citizenship to digital leadership in a South Carolina elementary school


Where we started . Technology is present in kids’ worlds now more than ever before. Whether it be social media, school use or gaming, students are almost always on some sort of digital application.

Building the Themes of Digital Citizenship into Instruction and Business Planning

EdTech Magazine

K–12 students today have grown up as digital natives, but they still have much to learn about the online world.

What Is Canva And How Does It Work? Tips & Tricks


Canva is the design tool that is ideal for use in education to create beautiful projects

Tools 91

Inquiry & Reflection: History is a Verb?


EdTechTeacher is so thrilled to welcome Dr. Catherine Atkinson to our team of summer instructors. Catherine Atkinson is an experienced classroom teacher, curriculum designer, presenter, and technology coach.

Here’s how IT leaders can keep district networks safe

eSchool News

IT teams understand how important cybersecurity measures are, but many struggle to pinpoint where to begin when their resources are limited. And when COVID closed in-person classrooms, it also gave a boost to cybercriminals looking to infiltrate school district networks.

Population booms overwhelm schools in the West: ‘Someone’s gonna get left behind’

The Hechinger Report

BELGRADE, Mont. Nearly every classroom at Story Creek Elementary School offers sweeping views of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains that surround the Gallatin Valley here in southwest Montana. This story also appeared in The Washington Post.

Legacy Technology and Systems Open the Door for Cybercriminals

EdTech Magazine

Legacy devices and legacy systems commonly provide opportunities for cyberthreats to enter the school’s network in two instances: when they are not or cannot be updated. Frequently in K–12 settings, and across many industries, end users choose not to shut down their computers.

How To Setup Virtual Reality Or Augmented Reality In Schools For Free


Want virtual reality or augmented reality? Here's how to get it free

Communication & Support for Families with Google for EDU


Now, more than ever, families need help deciphering the world of technology. From social media concerns to navigating digital environments, it can be a complex world. There are powerful ways that educators can leverage digital technologies and resources to help support families.