Tue.May 04, 2021

Exploring Design Thinking Micro-credentials in the Classroom

Digital Promise

Low science and math proficiency in Nevada’s public school system indicates there are inherent and structural inequities that exist. As a researcher and innovation leader, I wanted to explore the “why” behind the low proficiency rates.

Joel Lookadoo: 2020 Arkansas Teacher of the Year

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Joel Lookadoo, 2020 Arkansas Teacher of the Year, shares why he loves teaching. He also shares the stories he is seeing of teachers (and students) overcoming and gives encouragement for teachers now.


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5 Digital tools for podcasting in the hybrid classroom


When used as a tool for sharing knowledge and thoughts, podcasts become an innovative teaching method. Teachers can create personalized materials for lessons, content for research and revision, fun facts, and guidelines that students can easily access on any device whenever and wherever they want.

Tools 269

Job Prospects for “Generation Limbo”

The Christensen Institute

Going to school and getting a job are, it turns out, two very different pursuits. The reality is that when it comes to finding job opportunities, the skills, knowledge, and potential that schools are designed to foster are only part of the game.

Survey 215

Teacher Appreciation Webinars


Instead of Teacher Appreciation Week, we are making it a whole month with FREE EdTechTeacher webinars over the next few weeks. We know the last year has been like no other and teachers have been pushed to the brink.

What Can Teachers Learn From Students' Brainwaves?


It’s a bit of a mystery what goes on inside the brain when students learn. But thanks to relatively new breakthroughs in portable EEG devices, which can measure the brain’s electrical activity in what are known as brainwaves, researchers are able to run experiments in classrooms as never before.

Study 166

How classroom journaling engages and empowers students

eSchool News

It’s been a hard year for young people. COVID has upended their usual schooling and routines. For many, the pandemic impacted their families financially or through the loss of a loved one.

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Keep Kids Learning with ST Math this Summer

MIND Research Institute

We need to talk about summer vacation. We know your students have been working hard this past school year, so it might be tempting to let them off the hook over the long break. Kids need time to be kids. We get it.

Designing Your Way Through a Pandemic: How a School Changed Course Mid-Year


Before the pandemic, the school I work for, located about 20 miles outside of Washington, D.C., had rituals and traditions that defined our school culture and aimed to bring a holistic approach to learning, like having students work in small groups and encouraging office hours with teachers.

Course 137

A Fear of Success and the Elevation of Others

The Principal of Change

A teacher recently reached out to me and shared her frustration of being “held back” by her own school administration for pursuing a new idea that she believed would be beneficial to students.

Teaching Kids to Ask Questions That Matter


What’s the best way to boost student success and excitement for learning? Jackie Walsh believes the answer is to develop kids’ capacity as questioners by strengthening their skill and creating classrooms where learners experience the thrill of asking questions that matter.

Post-COVID plans should focus on program values and evaluation

eSchool News

As the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic begin to relax, many institutions are going to step back and try to reestablish institutional norms. Many educational organizations have struggled through a year or more of remote learning.

Make Learning Magical Podcast with @tishrich #MLmagical x #TechWithHeart


I had a chance to be a guest on the Make Learning Magical Podcast, hosted by the amazing Tisha Richmond. Tisha is a fellow DBC Inc author — Make Learning Magical: Transform Your Teaching and Create Unforgettable Experiences in Your Classroom.

Google Docs Templates to Use in Teaching Writing

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

After sharing presentation templates, today's post features Google Docs templates that teachers and students can use for a wide variety of purposes. The purpose is to empower you with resources that.read more

OPINION: Profits grew while students were hurt by a law intended to protect them

The Hechinger Report

What would you say if I suggested that the elimination of just one regulation could save students thousands of dollars in student debt? Ever heard of the 90/10 rule? It applies only to for-profit colleges and requires that no more than 90% of their revenue come from federal sources.

The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 247 Creating Changemakers Through PBL

TeachThought - Learn better.

The TeachThought Podcast Ep. 247 Creating Changemakers Through PBL. Drew Perkins talks with Leesa Carter-Jones, president and CEO of the Captain Planet Foundation, about their work to engage young people through project-based learning.

Enter to Win the Shake Up Learning PRIZE PACK!

Shake Up Learning

The post Enter to Win the Shake Up Learning PRIZE PACK! appeared first on Shake Up Learning. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! And a very special thank you to all of the teachers! You’ve done more than anyone thought possible.

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day in 2021

Where Learning Clicks

The role teachers play in students’ lives is as important as ever, so we’d like to say thank you and we appreciate everything you do for your students. The post Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Day in 2021 appeared first on Where Learning Clicks.

How to Organize “Shared with Me” in Google Drive

Shake Up Learning

The post How to Organize “Shared with Me” in Google Drive appeared first on Shake Up Learning. The “shared with me” section of Google Drive can be confusing. Let’s talk about how to organize the files you see in “shared with me.”

Originality Reports- An Easy Way to Check for Missing Citations

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Originality reports is a Google Drive feature introduced that helps teachers conduct originality scans on students work. Instead of the traditional way of using Google Search to look for.read more

SOARin with Jamf Protect & Pro

Jamf on EdTech

Now, this is not about the best ride at Epcot. In this article, I am going to walk you through using Jamf Protect and Jamf Pro together to create customized remediation workflows.


Technology Tidbits

Blackbird is an excellent new online platform designed to teach students how to program/code. This is done through a very easy-to-use interface where students progress through stages typing code and watching their results.

Educational Duct Tape (interview with Jake Miller) – SULS0108

Shake Up Learning

The post Educational Duct Tape (interview with Jake Miller) – SULS0108 appeared first on Shake Up Learning. In this episode, Kasey chats with Jake Miller, host of the Educational Duct Tape podcast. Jake shares his unique perspective on edtech and the meaning behind #EduDuctTape.

Mobile Permissions

Technology Tidbits

Mobile Permissions is the excellent free site the educators are using to easily send "digital" permission slips for FREE.