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What You Might Have Missed in July

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Here are the most-read posts for the month of July. Tech Tip #63: Reset Default Font. Tech Ed Resources–Mentoring and Coaching. A Year to Remember, A Year to Reflect: Pandemic Instruction. 11 Websites for Thinking and Learning. We Landed on the Moon July 20 1969. 5 (free) Posters on Teaching I.

Podcast: A Conversation about Hybrid Logistics

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Summer school programs race to help students most in danger of falling behind

The Hechinger Report

For millions of students, this is a summer like no other in the history of American public education.

Open Standards in the Education 4.0 Digital Learning Ecosystem

EdNews Daily

By Robert Iskander The current rate of change in digital learning offers great opportunities and introduces great challenges.

Do You Have A Daily Teacher Interaction Tracking System? If Not … Download Ours Today!


Coaches, are you searching for the perfect way to keep track of what you do each day? If you are like most coaches, the answer is YES! But how do you do it?

What Do You Mean by “Cognitive Capacity?”

EdNews Daily

By Betsy Hill and Roger Stark We’ve been encountering the term “cognitive capacity” more and more often since we started to make the distinction between “cognitive ability” and “cognitive capacity” a few years ago.

Lo que los estudiantes de inglés necesitan es enamorarse de la escuela otra vez

The Hechinger Report

Read in English. CIUDAD DE OREGÓN, Oregón. Aylin García Rosas, de 9 años, y su primo, de 8, estaban agachados en el piso del gimnasio en la Escuela Primaria Holcomb, charlando en español sobre cómo lograr una figura Lego para el automóvil que estaban construyendo.

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Ready-made Back-to-School Templates for Teachers

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

The return to school this year is different from previous years. It is a special event where teachers get to see their students after a prolonged period of physical absence during which more. Back to school resources

Does Your School Need Online Cyber Safety Education?

EdNews Daily

By Pat Craven Did you know that 400,000 kids per year are victims of identity theft? And many children are targeted by their peers via cyberbullying.

Middle School Activities to Promote SEL in Digital Life

Graphite Blog

In middle school, kids begin their exploration of identity in earnest, and they often experience the pressures of increased expectations. Technology makes these experiences a little more challenging to navigate, especially as social media becomes the primary way they communicate and share with peers.

Here Is How to Create Animated GIFs from YouTube Videos

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Chrome Capture is a cool extension that combines three key functionalities: video recording, screenshot capture, and GIF making. I tried the extension in multiple instances and found it more. Screencasting tools Tools for Creating Animated GIFs

Video 87

Elementary School Activities to Promote SEL in Digital Life

Graphite Blog

This collection of activities will help you address the unique social and emotional challenges your students may encounter as technology starts to play an increasing role in their lives, both in and out of school.

High School Activities to Promote SEL in Digital Life

Graphite Blog

For high schoolers, technology can be an incredibly positive influence as they use it to expand their social circles, explore their interests, and even find causes that bring purpose to their lives.

Teachers' Essential Guide to Social and Emotional Learning in Digital Life

Graphite Blog

Media and technology are central to how young people learn, socialize, and participate in the world. This makes it all the more important to consider how our student’s digital lives can impact their social and emotional well-being.