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Creative Options for Remote Learning

Ask a Tech Teacher

With schools closed for in-person learning and many children being educated at home, parents are scrambling for quality alternatives that work in a home environment.

How to Help Struggling Readers in Grades 6-12 with Pam Allyn

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Students are coming back to school and many of them are reading below grade level. While this has always been a challenge, this year it may be even more so.

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Helping Diverse Communities Create a Relationship with the Maritime Industry

Digital Promise

Maritime High School in Des Moines, Washington—a collaborative project between the Port of Seattle , the Northwest Maritime Center , Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition , and Highline Public Schools —welcomed its inaugural freshman class this month.

20+ ways to use 10 BIG Flipgrid updates

Ditch That Textbook

Once again Flipgrid released BIG updates to its camera, user experience, help center and more. Here are 20+ ways to use those updates in the classroom. For many students, video is just part of the way they speak. Snapchat. Instagram. YouTube.

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19 Ed Websites to Fill Spare Classroom Time

Ask a Tech Teacher

I keep a list of themed websites that are easy-in easy-out for students. They must be activities that can be accomplished enjoyably in less than ten minutes. In the parlance, these are called “sponges”. Here are 19 I think you’ll like: Language Arts. Contraction Games. Contraction Crossword.

Trust is a Leader's Best Friend

A Principal's Reflections

When I began the journey to become a school administrator many years ago, I took the typical courses that were required. These focused on topics such as school law, instructional leadership, change management, school finance, and curriculum development, among many others.

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The supreme importance of innovation theories

The Christensen Institute

In a recent podcast with Future Africa, Michael Seibel, CEO and partner at Y Combinator (YC), noted that, “80% of the companies that do YC raise money on demo day. Only] 2% build successful companies.”

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Take a Break–it’s Labor Day!

Ask a Tech Teacher

Labor Day is annually held on the first Monday of September (this year, September 6th). It was originally organized to celebrate various labor associations’ strengths of and contributions to the United States economy. It is largely a day of rest in modern times.

Personalized Learning: Reflection and Goal-Setting

Education Elements

Reflection and goal-setting is the simplest way to begin personalizing learning because it mirrors a practice we engage in every day of our lives. Sometimes this shows up in small ways, like aiming to show gratitude more often, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or reading more.

Creating Conditions for Powerful Technology Use

Digital Promise

Instructional technology is a critical component of teaching and learning in today’s world. Technology, when aligned to research-based practices, supports teachers in delivering instruction that is adapted to meet the needs of all students.

7 Outside of the box ideas for teaching students who don’t like writing


Writing is seen as the topmost skill to master by students. Case in point, most Higher Education institutions require strong writing abilities. It’s no wonder that educators focus on writing from as early as kindergarten.

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Chatbots Allow Educators to Delegate Repetitive Tasks and Focus on Teaching

EdTech Magazine

The chatbot revolution isn’t coming — it’s already here. It’s been five years since an AI-enabled chatbot called Jill Watson fooled many students in an artificial intelligence class at Georgia Tech into thinking they’d been interacting with a human teaching assistant all semester.

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September 11th, 20 Years Later. Never Forget. Take a moment. Do a good deed

Educational Technology Guy

September 11th, 20 Years Later. Never Forget. Take a moment. Do a good deed [link] I was in EMS for 22 years before retiring due to a back injury. One of my most memorable experiences was responding to New York City as a Paramedic in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

How Alibaba solved the trust problem on its platform and a model for companies in growth economies

The Christensen Institute

At $21.8 billion, China’s biggest e-commerce company, Alibaba, was the largest IPO in US history. Today, the company is worth $657.5 billion , but the road to unprecedented success was marked with significant challenges.

Promoting Literacy: Cultivate a Reading Culture

Catlin Tucker

Guest post written by Amy Tobener-Talley. September 8th is International Literacy Day, a great time to think about promoting a class culture that values reading. However, encouraging students to read in and out of class is challenging as small screens command much of their time and attention.

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10 ways to make lessons more hands-on

Ditch That Textbook

I’ve seen it in my own life. I bought an old zero-turn radius lawn mower and learned how to drive it on the fly. I’ve tinkered with broken items around the house until I fixed them. I’ve seen it in the classroom.

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How IT Leaders Can Make Learning More Accessible to Students with Low Vision

EdTech Magazine

Last month, Atkinson Hyperlegible typeface became available on Google Fonts. Created by Applied Design Works with guidance from the Braille Institute, Atkinson Hyperlegible is designed to aid readability for users with low vision. The font is named for Robert J.

Adult learning culture: An underrated ingredient for success in uncertain times

The Christensen Institute

This piece was co-authored with Dr. Beth Rabbitt, CEO of The Learning Accelerator. A recent ASCD article confronted an uncomfortable reality: the COVID-19 pandemic is likely not the only major interruption to K–12 schooling in our lifetimes.

Can an AI tutor teach your child to read?

The Hechinger Report

When Jaclyn Brown Wright took over as principal of Brewbaker Primary School in Montgomery, Alabama, she knew she needed to figure out a way to boost literacy rates.

Improving Critical Thinking May Take Practice


A researcher tested a new weight loss supplement. She gave it to 200 overweight adults and discovered that their average weight, as measured by a precise weight scale, declined after two months of taking the supplement. She concluded that the supplement promotes weight loss.

Cloud-Based Technology Expands STEM’s Reach

EdTech Magazine

Science, technology, engineering and math classes expose K–12 students to science- and technology-focused career paths, which can lead to some of the most sought-after jobs in the market.

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Scaling mentoring conversations to diversify talent pipelines: An interview with Mentor Spaces’ Chris Motley

The Christensen Institute

In the corporate world, online mentoring tools are not new. But what used to feel boutique is now increasingly going mainstream, with more companies exploring hybrid and virtual work options.

Google Classroom Parent/Guardian Guide

Teacher Tech

Free Guardian Guide to Google Classroom created by Schoolytics. The post Google Classroom Parent/Guardian Guide appeared first on Teacher Tech. Google

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How Remote Learning Subverts Power and Privilege in Higher Education


[The Library of Trinity College Dublin. Photo by PhotoFra.] Decolonize my syllabus , decolonize my curriculum, decolonize my classroom—for some time now, the term “decolonization” has been the buzzword around campus, as students and certain faculty demand inclusion and diversity in education.

New Orleans students are still vulnerable to Ida and other future storms

The Hechinger Report

Is there any school district whose students experienced more disruptions than those in New Orleans? Between the major storms of Katrina and Ida there have been dozens of hurricanes and tropical storms that have interrupted students’ schooling in that city for extended periods.

Three tips to conquer bilingual barriers in the classroom

eSchool News

More than 10 percent of students in the United States are English language learners (ELLs) – that’s more than 4.8 million children nationwide.

Google Earth Lesson Plan


This Google Earth lesson plan is designed to provide educators with an avenue for integrating the edtech tool into their instruction

How Do You Open School in a Pandemic? Start by Asking Teachers and Students


(Kapitosh / Shutterstock) How do you open a school for a third year in the shadow of a pandemic? How do school leaders create a welcoming community amid fear and grief and, in some places, discord?

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TEACHER VOICE: What my wedding vows taught me about the return to in-person learning

The Hechinger Report

Wedding vow negotiations were a somewhat contentious business when my English teacher fiance and I, a science educator, prepared to tie the knot back in 2007. After several rounds of spirited revisions, we landed on six promises that have held up well over the years.

4 strategies to boost student engagement

eSchool News

As the beginning of the school year is creeping up on us, many schools are reconsidering the need for online options. There are too many variables at play right now for any educator to feel they have everything under control for this school year.

4 Lessons from Remote Learning


Despite its challenges, remote learning has changed in-person learning for the better, says one Kansas City educator

How Can Asset Tagging Save a K–12 School Money?

EdTech Magazine

Schools have a lot of devices to manage. Students have devices, staff have devices and classrooms have devices, all of which need to be tracked, organized and managed. Educational technologies are a considerable investment for K–12 districts.

10 Steps to Using Google Docs

Teacher Tech

10 steps to get started using Google Docs. The post 10 Steps to Using Google Docs appeared first on Teacher Tech. Docs Google

An Eighth Grader Was Tired of Being Late to Zoom School. So He Made an App for That.


Seth Raphael was in middle school when the pandemic hit, sending millions of students from the classroom to Zoom practically overnight.

Heroes at Work: How San Diego USD made PD a pandemic priority

eSchool News

Heroes at Work is a three-part series featuring excerpts from conversations with the grand prize winners of the 2021 eSchool Media K-12 Hero Awards program, sponsored by Trox. See below for the full interview.

Thoughts on Learner Variability

EdNews Daily

By Betsy Hill and Roger Stark With all the attention being paid to the differences between learners and the need for differentiation, it is also important to remember that intra-learner variability can be just as perplexing as inter-learner variability, especially for the learners involved.

What is ClassHook and How Does It Work? Best Tips and Tricks


ClassHook lets you use the power of movies to teach, making class and remote learning more fun