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Resources to Teach Taxes

Ask a Tech Teacher

As a passionate Economics major in college (which grew into an MBA), I find Econ at the root of much of the world around us. It starts with counting coins in first and second grade and grows up to a peek into NASDAQ and other adult subjects in middle school. In the US, tax day is April 15th.

A STEM-Driven Marble Run Using Instructables and Tinkercad

User Generated Education

STEM lessons are a strong focus in my 4th-6th grade gifted classes. I teach at two Title 1 schools with primarily Hispanic students. Our district works to identify students often underrepresented in gifted education programs.

STEM 267

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Shifting Our Practice

A Principal's Reflections

In my previous post , I dove into the concept of shifting our focus from “what” to “who” in order to set the stage for personalization. The premise is as simple as it is powerful, with the goal being to provide all learners with what they need, when and where they need it, to become life ready.

What does an OER lesson plan look like?


K-12 schools and districts turn to open educational resources (OER) for their flexibility. They are a cost-effective choice and make differentiating instruction and personalizing learning easier.

OER 236

Tech Tip #53: How to Make a Program Easy to Find

Ask a Tech Teacher

In these 169 tech-centric situations, you get an overview of pedagogy—the tech topics most important to your teaching—as well as practical strategies to address most classroom tech situations, how to scaffold these to learning, and where they provide the subtext to daily tech-infused education.

How To 277

An Inclusive Approach to Designing Learning and Employment Records

Digital Promise

What is a Learning and Employment Record (LER) and how might we design them to create equitable and inclusive systems of work? How might we ensure we include workers and learners in the development of these emerging systems throughout the design process?

Grading for Equity: One School’s Approach to Increasing Student Ownership and Success

Education Elements

This school year, Portland Public Schools (PPS) launched a multi-year strategic plan for educational equity, inclusion, and excellence with the core belief that the student experience needs to be reimagined.

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Assistive Technology in Colleges

Ask a Tech Teacher

With technology, it is so much easier to offer students the assistive technology they need to pursue their education dreams.

Choose Your READING Path Adventure

Catlin Tucker

“Why do we have to read so much in here?” ” I have fielded this question from students several times over the years. By the time my students reached high school, many were disillusioned with reading. They found it tedious, challenging, or boring.

Go Slow to Go Fast: Blended Learning at John F Kennedy High School

Education Elements

“ When you drive up to John F Kennedy High School in Cleveland, OH, you are immediately taken by the sheer scale of the building. Set against a backdrop of single-family historic homes, JFK is an imposing and beautiful modern structure.

H?para receives international recognition for excellence in leadership and student-centered digital solutions


Chicago, IL: April 5, 2022. For immediate release. . This month the winners of the EdTech Awards were announced and H?para para was singled out for the global leadership of its CEO, Wayne Poncia and once again for its innovation of student-centered technologies. . CEO of H?para,

Hapara 207

18 Easter Websites and Apps

Ask a Tech Teacher

Many Christians celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection on Easter Sunday. To non-Christians (or non-traditional Christians), that event signifies a rebirth of spring that is filled with joy and gifts — and chocolate! Overall, it is America’s most-popular holiday with Christmas a close second.

CoSN2022: 5 Ways Schools Can Prepare for Cybersecurity Insurance Risk Assessments

EdTech Magazine

As devices and online applications become more robust, cybersecurity becomes more important. Because of this, it also becomes more expensive to insure.

Google Classroom Features To Monitor Progress and Provide Feedback in the Secondary Classroom


Google Classroom provides educators with multiple opportunities to monitor student progress and provide timely, targeted feedback. In this video, EdTechTeacher instructor, Tom Driscoll, explores various features and workflows that support the feedback process.

Three Reasons You Need THIS Webcam in Your Classroom


This post was originally created and posted on the website TeacherCast Educational Network. The only place to read this as the original content is [link].

Tech Tools for Reading Fluency

Ask a Tech Teacher

SmartBrief has an excellent article worth your time to read: Top 5 tech tools to maximize reading fluency.

Tools 245

How K–12 Schools Are Bringing Classroom Technology to Outdoor Learning

EdTech Magazine

If you stumble across a group of K–12 school students outside using laptops to track soil levels and search for monarch eggs or observing birdhouses with video cameras, you may have discovered an outdoor learning space.

A New Model for OER Sustainability and Continuous Improvement

Iterating Toward Openness

I’ve been interested in sustainability models for OER for decades.

OER 124

3 critical elements of a K-12 cybersecurity strategy

eSchool News

Technology has significantly changed the classroom experience over the last decade, with the ubiquity of the IoT, mobile apps, and teleconferencing ushering in a new era of instruction and learning.

K-12 107

How to increase the number of early ed teachers? Free college, transportation— and intense support

The Hechinger Report

MILWAUKEE, Wis. — In a dimly-lit classroom in downtown Milwaukee, nine aspiring early childhood teachers scribbled notes as they watched a video about the capabilities of 4-month-olds. This story also appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Report 107

Educators Use Technology to Expand Learning Opportunities

EdTech Magazine

Education should give students more options, not fewer. While the connection between teachers and their students remains key, the right set of tools can link students to more options and turn the average K–12 classroom into a launch pad for a bright future. Many educators agree.

7 Best financial literacy games for students to try out in April


Financial Literacy Month takes place in April and many educators look for ways to provide opportunities for their students to learn about what it means to be financially literate.

LMS 293

3 ways to improve science literacy

eSchool News

While teachers often experience the same year or course again and again, students and their families can really see how students change over the years in school. Families can see that what students learn each year builds on what has come before.

What is Codementum and How Can It Be Used for Teaching? Tips and Tricks


Codementum is a coding learning tool for teachers and students that is curriculum focused

Tools 101

CoSN2022: Leaders Speak on Educational Equity Through Tech in Conference Keynote

EdTech Magazine

The Consortium for School Networking kicked off its annual conference Monday in Nashville, Tenn., with a keynote session featuring three leaders in policy, education and technology.

Celebrate JiJi Day 2022

MIND Research Institute

JiJi Day is almost here again! Go ahead and mark your calendars for Friday, April 29. Who is JiJi? JiJi is the penguin who guides students through their ST Math journey. JiJi is a constant as students think through, attempt and solve challenging mathematical puzzles.

3 ways SEL helps students build life readiness

eSchool News

Social and emotional learning (SEL) may still be new to some educators, but the skills it teaches are the same we have been trying to help young people develop for decades.

Course 103

Middle school science teachers often have shaky scientific knowledge

The Hechinger Report

Middle school science teacher Kent Heckenlively has spent part of his time teaching, well, not science. This story also appeared in USA Today.

CoSN2022: Digital Transformation Starts with Teamwork and Forward-Thinking Leaders

EdTech Magazine

Intentional implementation of educational technology is a crucial component of the continued forward momentum of K–12 education. However, districts must take the right steps to ensure success.

EdTech 117

Mindfulness Training Shows Promise for Teachers in New Study


A randomized control trial found teachers who received mindfulness training had less job-related stress and anxiety

How we created a computer science curriculum in 5 steps

eSchool News

Even with a strict budget, limited teacher expertise in computer science, and the chaos of a pandemic, the Metropolitan School District of Pike Township (MSDPT) launched a comprehensive and engaging K-5 computer science curriculum for every student.

Black women are uniquely burdened by student debt, report finds

The Hechinger Report

While Brittani Williams was busy working toward her bachelor’s degree, the student loan debt she was quickly accruing rarely crossed her mind. Her focus was on her coursework.

CoSN22: Leaders Speak on Educational Equity Through Tech in Conference Keynote

EdTech Magazine

The Consortium for School Networking kicked off its annual conference Monday in Nashville, Tenn., with a keynote session featuring three leaders in policy, education and technology.

5 Ways CTE Incorporates Universal Design for Learning (UDL)


Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is often inherently employed by CTE instructors in their classrooms, which offers lessons for all educators

UDL 90

How federal grants can help staff your schools

eSchool News

Using federal funding for personnel expenses can seem daunting, but it can in fact be manageable with the right knowledge and tools in place.

PROOF POINTS: Study finds guaranteed free tuition lures low-income students

The Hechinger Report

Low-income students who were offered an upfront guarantee of free tuition at the University of Michigan were far more likely to apply and enroll than students who were told they would likely qualify for free tuition. Credit: Oleg Albinsky/Getty Images.

CoSN2022: Technology Supports Accessible and Inclusive Learning

EdTech Magazine

Getting technology into the hands of all K–12 students was the first step. With a focus on closing the digital divide, school districts are now working toward making the provided technology equitable. Having devices only furthers education when students can access learning.