Starting and Sustaining a Data Habit in Your School

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If our cliches are an indicator, we all know that data collection, review, analysis, and understanding is important. District Leadership School Leadership DataKnowledge is Power! Measure what Matters!

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4 ways to improve your district’s data privacy

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With K-12 school districts using cloud collaboration platforms more than ever before, the approach to data privacy in schools is looking a lot different than what administrators are used to. The Link Between Data Security and Data Privacy.

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Building Stronger Data Systems for the Future

Digital Promise

Over the past few months, district and charter leaders from 11 districts participating in Digital Promise’s Data Ready 2021 cohort have created actionable data interoperability implementation plans centered on a high-need use case anchored in secure data use, data management, and data integration.

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Planning for Change with Data: Lessons Learned from Spring Break

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Strategic Planning District Leadership School Leadership DataI’m writing this blog during a 17-hour road trip that was supposed to be a 2-hour flight.

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5 Critical Guidelines for Student Data Privacy

More important, though, every piece of technology must adhere to the district’s student data privacy policies. While school counsel may have general knowledge of FERPA and other federal laws, most aren’t data privacy experts. Watch the Recording Listen to the Podcast.

Student Data Privacy: What’s Your Obligation?

Tom Murray

For over two centuries, student information and data was kept in paper form, often in filing cabinets in a school or district office. During this time, there was little concern over security breaches, improper data sharing, or student privacy issues. However, the misuse and breach of digital student information has brought data privacy to the forefront. A few months prior to the hearing, data breaches at both Home Depot and Target became national news.

Achieving Effective Data Analytics

EdTech Magazine

The notion that “every company is a data company” is so widely accepted that it’s almost a cliché. Still, many organizations continue to struggle even to inventory and organize their data, much less leverage it in a way that helps them to arrive at transformative insights.

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Unwrapping Holiday Learning with Real-World Data 

STEM Discovery Education

The universal language of data is a great way to let students explore the diversity of customs, traditions, and ever-changing trends during the holiday season. A Feast of Data. Inspire student and family connections over the holidays using the simple power of data.

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3 ways to strengthen your student data privacy compliance strategy

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Cyberattacks and data breaches are infiltrating K-12 communities. To proactively thwart these attempts to steal student data, states such as New York are passing legislation that requires school districts to adhere to stipulated student data privacy compliance regulations.

Using Data in Schools to Learn Fast

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Conversely, there were times I didn’t have the energy or brainpower to try new things – I ignored the information my son was giving me because I simply didn’t know how to use the data or what to do. Teachers District Leadership School Leadership Data

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New Data Science Standards Are Needed for a Data-Filled World. Here’s What We Propose.


And such cries have grown even louder in recent years, with the rise of big data and fast computing. A different approach to teaching mathematics is needed—one that develops data literacy for all students. But there has long been a missing piece: a lack of standards for data science.

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6 Tips for Protecting Student Data Privacy


The award-winning edtech specialists at Oak Grove Union School District in California share their tips for protecting student data privacy while still utilizing the latest tech tools

Turning data into action during COVID

eSchool News

Wausau School District has undergone a ‘paradigm shift’ in how educators use data to drive improvement. Julie has stated, “In many districts, data is used as a hammer to punish teachers and schools. We think about data not as a hammer, but as a flashlight.

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OPINION: Data matters, but only if it leads to effective teaching action

The Hechinger Report

A recent Hechinger Report article highlighted how data analysis has not significantly improved student outcomes since the No Child Left Behind Act ramped up national data collection. Data — even high quality data— is of no value if it isn’t used effectively.

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How Can Student Data Drive Positive Learning Outcomes?

EdTech Magazine

In the digital education landscape, modern technology collects a large amount of data. While it’s important to protect student data, it’s also important to note that there is more digital data available to educators than ever before.

6 Common Mistakes to Avoid for a Stronger Data Culture in Schools

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District Leadership DataOn January 28, 1986, the space program experienced one of its most catastrophic events to date when the Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart just over a minute after launch.

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Critical Steps for Safeguarding Data Privacy

Of course, there are technical aspects to protecting data, and as many schools have learned during the pandemic, district IT staff need to stay on top of evolving efforts to compromise systems. Based on CoSN’s “ Student Data Privacy: A School System Priority. By Stacey Pusey.

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Data governance is not a sailor’s yarn

eSchool News

Whether you want to build a bridge, explore the sea, or simply try to identify new markets, you will only be as good as the data you use. This means it must be complete, in context, trusted and easily accessible to drive insights

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Do More with Google Classroom Data

Teacher Tech

Google Classroom data helps us to help more students from falling through the cracks. The post Do More with Google Classroom Data appeared first on Teacher Tech. Classroom Google classroom google Google Classroom

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PROOF POINTS: Researchers blast data analysis for teachers to help students 

The Hechinger Report

In the years after the law went into effect, the testing and data industries flourished, selling school districts interim assessments to track student progress throughout the year along with flashy data dashboards that translated student achievement into colored circles and red warning flags.

How to Prevent Data Collection Disasters in Education

Digital Promise

How can educational researchers ensure continued data collection in the wake of COVID-19? For most researchers, cancelling end-year data collection altogether would amount to scrapping a year’s worth of work and is simply not an option.

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Introducing a new State and District Data Validation Tool for SKYWARD® Users

eSchool News

KALAMAZOO, Michigan – APRIL 6, 2022 – Level Data, Inc. announces a new suite of data validation tools for districts using the Skyward brand Student Information System (SIS). State specific business rules compare the data to each state and federal requirements for compliance reporting.

Communicating Student Data Privacy

Tom Murray

In recent years, student data privacy has emerged as a major education issue at federal, state and local levels. Recent news coverage and social media conversations about student data access, especially as it relates to outside service providers, have heightened the public’s overall interest in the use and security of student data. According to Future Ready partner Data Quality Campaign , there are currently over 100 privacy-related bills in 32 state legislatures.

Data Analytics Tools Show Ed Tech’s Impact: Part 2

EdTech Magazine

Data analytics tools may be the answer to questions that IT leaders are only beginning to ask in K–12 education.

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3 ways assessment data advances student equity

eSchool News

As educators, we all know the importance of data in decision-making. We know that robust data and effective dissemination of the same are needed for nuanced and meaningful use. Afterall, data in the right hands at the right time has the power to change destinies.

The Checklist: 5 Steps to Secure Student Data

EdTech Magazine

However, despite the widespread use of cloud tools in K–12 education, only 23 percent of respondents are “very concerned” about data breaches or leaks, the

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Best Student Data Privacy Practices for Schools


Protecting student data privacy goes beyond buying the most expensive product

Schools Share Strong Measures That Protect Student Data

EdTech Magazine

He understood that instructors were racing to bridge the gap between school and home to keep student learning on track, but in the back of his mind, a question lingered: What impact would these new resources have on student data privacy? “We

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Guest post: Types of Data centers in Singapore


With the rising technology dynamics, there are changes in how data is collected, analyzed, and stored. Businesses in all fields have noticed the importance of data centers. Data centers are also ideal for managing emails and hosting sites. How a data center works.

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Enabling the next generation of citizen data scientists

eSchool News

But as a senior data scientist, I do worry that search in the age of Google has outstripped our ability to gather, analyze and truly interpret data. This has led to a remarkable uptick in the need for data scientists. Google has ruined research. Okay… I’m being hyperbolic.

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Data Security

EdTech Magazine

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Data Demands Action — Not Just a Dashboard


Education has a data problem. Mountains of data are studied with charts and graphs plotted, but it is difficult at a system level to use final grades and test scores to figure out what exactly should change and why. Education has a data problem.

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Data Analytics Tools Show Ed Tech’s Impact

EdTech Magazine

Many K–12 districts are not using data analytics tools, which is not to say they shouldn’t be. Good data analytics solutions don’t simply churn out data for IT leaders to analyze and interpret, they give IT administrators visibility into their systems.

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3 major ways to boost basic data literacy in K-6

eSchool News

A new report outlines the need for K-16 students to develop key data literacy skills. Focusing on three specific areas could be key to boosting K-16 students’ data literacy in a world where big data’s importance grows daily, according to a new report. The panelists’ recommendations are included in a new report, Building Global Interest in Data Literacy: A Dialogue. Next page: Why the need data know-how, and why now?

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Matching Reading Data to Interventions


The Columns strategy developed by Jill Brown and Jana Schmidt offers the organizing tool teachers need to provide students in grades 2-5 targeted and well-paced reading intervention, making all of the data we collect both relevant and meaningful, writes AP Ginny Hornberger.

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3 keys to protecting student data and privacy

eSchool News

When the sixth-largest school district in the United States announced in early April that hackers were holding its data ransom for $40 million, administrators everywhere paid attention. How do educators ensure that they keep students’ data, records, and personal information private and secure?

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Ed-Tech Companies: Big Data Analytics Must Result in Helpful Human Actions

Ed Tech from the Ground Up

School districts are using algorithms to analyze student data, but those metrics must be usable for educators to impact student learning. The post Ed-Tech Companies: Big Data Analytics Must Result in Helpful Human Actions appeared first on Market Brief. The Startup Blog ai Artificial Intelligence big data Data Privacy little data machine learning Startups

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Can Data Literacy Be Fun? The Census Bureau Is Building An App For That


For data lovers, the release of fresh census data probably feels like an extra Christmas every 10 years. So how do you make that data accessible, relevant and maybe even fun? The app opens to reveal an interactive map with data from all 50 states.

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Data doesn’t talk–people do

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District Management Featured on eSchool News data districts English Research school school districts state students study talkA media friend was looking into a recent Vanderbilt study on six unidentified school districts across the state.

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Everything’s Bigger in Texas…Including (Maybe) the Data Breaches

Doug Levin

A data breach by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) offers a cautionary tale about how K-12 school districts and their vendors should communicate the (bad) news to stakeholders. Blog Privacy Security data breach school data breach TASB teacher data breach Texas Texas Association of School Boards

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A Four Step Process for Developing Data Culture in School Districts

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For more than a century, standardized testing data have been used to measure the success of students, teachers, and schools - and even to mark our global competitiveness or lack thereof. District Leadership School Leadership Data

Making Sure Your Online Services Protect Your Students’ Data

After the sudden switch to remote and hybrid learning models at the start of the pandemic, the use of online tools and resources may seem like less of a concern now, but ensuring that students’ data remains protected is still a priority, especially as it is a federal requirement.

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Formative Assessment: Collecting Data & Designing Differentiated Learning Experiences in Class or Online

Catlin Tucker

The more physical distance between the teacher and the learner, the more challenging it is to collect formative assessment data consistently. I want to make the critical point that checking for understanding is a tool designed to provide informal data for the teacher and the learner.