May, 2021

Teacher Appreciation Week–Gifts for the Tech Teacher

Ask a Tech Teacher

Teacher Appreciation Week: The First Full Week of May. There’s always been something mystically cerebral about people in technical professions like engineering, science, and mathematics. They talk animatedly about plate tectonics, debate the structure of atoms, even smile at the mention of calculus.

Exploring Design Thinking Micro-credentials in the Classroom

Digital Promise

Low science and math proficiency in Nevada’s public school system indicates there are inherent and structural inequities that exist. As a researcher and innovation leader, I wanted to explore the “why” behind the low proficiency rates.


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Universally Designed Blended Learning

Catlin Tucker

There are two things I am certain of in education. First, learner variability is the norm, not the exception. Second, technology is here to stay. So, how do we design and facilitate learning experiences to remove barriers and allow all students to succeed?

Student Success Relies on Future-Proofing Learning

A Principal's Reflections

Imagine if we all had a crystal ball? It sure would have come in handy prior to the pandemic. What if I told you that we might have actually had one in the form of a retro animated series that aired over fifty years ago that predicted some modern technological innovations?

5 teaching practices to keep from remote learning

Ditch That Textbook

The pandemic changed the way we teach and in some ways for the better! Here are 5 parts of remote teaching we'll keep.The pandemic changed a lot about education.

Take it or leave it: lessons learned about strategic planning during a global pandemic

Education Elements

More than a year ago, I - like many others - was hunkering down for what I thought would be a two-week quarantine. Thirteen months later, I have found myself adapting to my circumstances. I have created a comfortable work-from-home space, embraced many home DIY projects.

Kids’ Computer Posture Explored

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here’s a great article on a topic I don’t talk about enough–proper posture at the computer. Written by “Karen Weaver a 3rd grade elementary school teacher and author of the upcoming children’s book “The Magic Pencil”, it covers all the basics.

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50 Field Day Games, Activites, and Ideas


Who doesn’t look forward to field day at the end of the year? Field day means time to unwind and have fun as a class, and it can be a defining memory for many children long after they move on from your classroom. We’ve split this list of 50 fun field day games and activities in two.

New research reveals the #1 innovation strategy employed by 100 market-creating organizations

The Christensen Institute

In the early 1850s, American inventor and entrepreneur, Isaac Singer, was often “shown the door” the moment he brought up his idea to make sewing machines accessible to average Americans. There was just no way it would work, many investors reasoned.

Love Zoom chat? 5 ways to keep it in face-to-face classes

Ditch That Textbook

Back in face-to-face classes, we can keep the engagement of the Zoom chat. Here are five options you can use. During the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, teachers found lots of things they HATED about remote teaching. They also found new teaching practices they LOVED.

How Have Educators Adapted Distance Learning for Special Education Students?

EdTech Magazine

Special education instructors, like everyone else, turned to an array of digital tools and technologies to continue teaching in the wake of the pandemic. And while most would agree the shift to online learning came with serious challenges, many also found solutions that worked.

World Password Day — It’s Today!

Ask a Tech Teacher

One of the most important yet underwhelming international events is coming up the first Thursday in May (in Canada, it’s March 15th). What is it?

5 Awesome online tools for game-based learning


I have long believed that spring presents an excellent time for educators to explore new ideas and try some new digital tools in the classroom.

Unleashing Creativity with Multimedia Audio Cards


Technology in the service of learning is the foundation of the work that we do at EdTechTeacher.

Video 106

Job Prospects for “Generation Limbo”

The Christensen Institute

Going to school and getting a job are, it turns out, two very different pursuits. The reality is that when it comes to finding job opportunities, the skills, knowledge, and potential that schools are designed to foster are only part of the game.

Survey 173

60 Critical Thinking Strategies For Learning

TeachThought - Learn better.

Critical thinking is the ongoing application of unbiased, accurate, and ‘good-faith’ analysis, interpretation, contextualizing, and synthesizing multiple data sources and cognitive perspectives in pursuit of understanding. What are the 7 critical thinking strategies?

Can Early Adoption of Esports Help Students Learn to Cope with Stress?

EdTech Magazine

Esports provides a socially distant, collaborative and competitive opportunity for students in any learning environment. These games may also provide a benefit to students beyond safe social interaction with their peers.

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Books I read in April 2021

Dangerously Irrelevant

Books I finished reading (or rereading) in April 2021… The Spy Who Came In From the Cold , John le Carré [thriller]. Masterpieces: The Best Science Fiction of the 20th Century , Orson Scott Card [sci fi]. Hope you’re reading something fun too! Related Posts. Books I read in May 2020.


Teacher Appreciation Webinars


Instead of Teacher Appreciation Week, we are making it a whole month with FREE EdTechTeacher webinars over the next few weeks. We know the last year has been like no other and teachers have been pushed to the brink.

Release: New resource distills 5 steps to building students’ relationships toward recovery

The Christensen Institute

In a new playbook out this week, researchers at the Clayton Christensen Institute distill five steps for building and strengthening students’ networks.

Is digital citizenship the most important takeaway from distance learning?

eSchool News

When the pandemic prompted schools to quickly shift to distance learning last spring, educators became responsible for using online technologies to teach students.

12 Things Every Lesson You Teach Should Have

TeachThought - Learn better.

12 Things Every Lesson You Teach Should Have. by Terry Heick. What should every lesson have? It’s a challenge to say what every single lesson imaginable should always have every single time no matter what. There are always exceptions.

Data 97

Teacher Appreciation Week 2021…It’s True…  I Teach Because I Can’t Do Anything Else

21st Century Educational Technology and Learning

“To find out what one is fitted to do, and to secure an opportunity to do it, is the key to happiness.” ? John Dewey. it is especially important this years to say… Happy 2021 Teacher Appreciation Week!


Hiring Teachers Post-COVID: Everything Has Changed

EdNews Daily

By James Sanders When hiring teachers post-COVID, in many ways, little has changed. However, in many ways, everything has changed since the onset of the pandemic. At the very least, hiring teachers has become much more challenging.

5 Tips for Effectively Curating Student Data

EdTech Magazine

In response to the increasing conversation about digital equity, schooling loss and achievement gaps, many schools are examining student data more closely this year. Curating and analyzing students’ data can lead to impressive initiatives when done effectively.

Data 80

Mapping Out a ‘Credential As You Go’ Movement For Higher Education


Enrolling in college is not the same as graduating from college. It’s a distinction that, when spelled out, seems sort of obvious. But it’s not one reflected in so many of the policies and practices of higher education.

How classroom journaling engages and empowers students

eSchool News

It’s been a hard year for young people. COVID has upended their usual schooling and routines. For many, the pandemic impacted their families financially or through the loss of a loved one.

On Teachers And Teaching And The Essential Criticism Of It All

TeachThought - Learn better.

In 2015 (and updated most recently in 2018), I wrote a post about helping students learn more from ‘others’ than they do from you (the teacher).

Keep Kids Learning with ST Math this Summer

MIND Research Institute

We need to talk about summer vacation. We know your students have been working hard this past school year, so it might be tempting to let them off the hook over the long break. Kids need time to be kids. We get it.

The 30/70 Rule or the 70/30 Rule

EdNews Daily

By Betsy Hill and Roger Stark Editor’s Note: This is part one of a two-part series. Businesses often refer to the 80/20 rule. When they do, it is in this context: 80 percent of our sales come from 20 percent of our customers.

Q&A: Using Student Data to Improve Equity and Learning Outcomes

EdTech Magazine

While some K–12 districts in the nation are still experiencing low minority student enrollment in Advanced Placement classes, Westerville North High School is not among them. The district increased black student enrollment in AP classes by 600 percent back in 2006.

What Can Teachers Learn From Students' Brainwaves?


It’s a bit of a mystery what goes on inside the brain when students learn. But thanks to relatively new breakthroughs in portable EEG devices, which can measure the brain’s electrical activity in what are known as brainwaves, researchers are able to run experiments in classrooms as never before.

Study 109

How to use technology to address vaccine gaps in the classroom

eSchool News

Though it’s not the end of the school year, academic institutions across the country are already thinking about reopening their doors this fall due to vaccine rollout. Yet, many — including parents — are worried about how schools will address vaccine gaps in this new learning environment.

What Can COVID Vaccine Side Effects Tell You About Your Immune Response?

TeachThought - Learn better.

Do COVID Vaccine Side Effects Tell You How Strong Your Immune Response Will Be? contributed by Robert Finberg , Professor of Medicine, University of Massachusetts Medical School. No, vaccine side effects don’t tell you how well your immune system will protect you from COVID-19.

Google Classroom: Missing Assignments Report

Teacher Tech

Easily get a report of a students missing assignments from Google Classroom. The post Google Classroom: Missing Assignments Report appeared first on Teacher Tech. Google

PROOF POINTS: Robert Slavin championed the use of scientific evidence to figure out what works in education

The Hechinger Report

Robert Slavin, a Johns Hopkins School of Education professor, sought to improve the quality of education research and wanted schools to use evidence to guide instruction. Credit: Will Kirk | Johns Hopkins University. Robert Slavin’s final lecture, delivered April 10, 2021, marked a career milestone.

Study 71