15 Back to School Resources

Ask a Tech Teacher

I’ve collected a series of back-to-school tips that are suited for in-person or remote learning. Pick those that work for you: 8 Tech Tools to Get to Know Your Students for Back to School. 11 Back-to-school Activities for the First Month of School. New School Year?

Announcing the 2021-2022 League of Innovative Schools Cohort

Digital Promise

Digital Promise is thrilled to announce 37 districts—including 26 new districts and 11 returning districts—will join the ranks of the League of Innovative Schools for the 2021-2022 school year. This year’s League of Innovative Schools cohort is demonstrative of that innovation.


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12 Websites for High School Drivers Ed

Ask a Tech Teacher

Here are a few of the popular resources teachers are using to reinforce Drivers Ed in High School courses: Crash Test Simulator. High School Websites listsDriver Education and Training Videos. Edriving –driving simulations. Operation Lifesaver. Simulated driving (fee).

50 back to school activities for the remote learning classroom

Ditch That Textbook

It's back to school time again and this year looks NOTHING like we have ever seen before. As summer comes to a close teachers are preparing for that big first day of school. If you are going back to school in-person […].

How to Have Deeper Learning and Better Schools

The CoolCatTeacher

Jal Mehta from the Harvard School of Education Shares How From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. Listen to Jal Mehta Talk about Deeper Learning in Schools. Jal Mehta is a professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

A Message to School Leaders

A Principal's Reflections

Flying under the radar in many cases are school leaders. As I work with schools on hybrid learning , I see firsthand the immense pressure on leaders to solve what seems like endless challenges that come from every direction.

Back to School Tips

Ask a Tech Teacher

It’s hard to imagine school is back in a few weeks. I’ve collected a series of back-to-school tips that are suited for in-person or remote learning. Pick those that work for you: Great Back to School Activities. It’s Time to go Back to School.

Four Types of Learning Walks for Every School Leader

Education Elements

Everyone's first year at a new school comes with growing pains -- no matter if it’s their first role as a new Principal, or their 25th year opening a new, or newly redesigned school. Teams & Culture Coaches School Leadership

OPINION: Why school ratings can backfire

The Hechinger Report

News & World Report released its first-ever rankings of public elementary and middle schools in the United States. Schools in the bottom quarter of all schools in a given jurisdiction were not ranked, but simply identified as being in the bottom quarter. Last week, U.S.

Research Spotlight: Helping Refugee Students Learn in Schools

The CoolCatTeacher

Take the time to talk to students in your school who are refugees and help others develop empathy and reach out to help them. Restoring Hope for Syrian Refugees: Social Support Students Need to Excel at School.

How Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Impacted Entire School Districts During COVID

Digital Promise

As school districts nationwide are re-envisioning learning and applying lessons learned from rapid technology integration during the pandemic, superintendents from the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools network are leading the way. How did superintendents leverage strategies learned from the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools program across their districts? Dr. Darin Brawley Compton Unified School District superintendent. Other schools became enthusiastic….It

Virtual Schooling Is Here to Stay: Reimagining Post-Pandemic Virtual Learning in Public Schools

Education Elements

From North Carolina to California to Alaska, public schools around the United States are planning to preserve a virtual school option for students after the pandemic is over. Crisis Management Virtual Learning District Leadership School Leadership

Using VR in Schools

Ask a Tech Teacher

for students with Special Needs — The Jackson School in Victoria, Australia has been using the Oculus Rift to help students with special needs and the Silesian University of Technology in Silesia Poland is doing therapeutic exercises with autistic students using virtual reality technology.

Looking Ahead to the 2020-2021 School Year

Digital Promise

A new school year is about to begin for millions of students across the United States, and schools are in uncharted territory as they navigate local, state, and federal recommendations and mandates (or lack thereof) for the health and safety of students and staff.

A Year of Digital Learning with Verizon Innovative Learning Schools

Digital Promise

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools to shutter and educators and students rapidly shifted to distance learning, those in Verizon Innovative Learning Schools program had the advantage of already knowing how to use devices and apps for learning.

Tech Tools for School Counselors

The CoolCatTeacher

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter School counselors are unique. They have unique needs as they help guide students and perform duties at their school. Some schools, districts, and organizations allow credit for listening to podcasts.

Tools 210

The Importance of Play in Schools


But how does play lead to growth, and what is the best way to nurture play in school? It can be tempting for schools to shorten recess in favor of more academic time. School-age children at play. Harvard Graduate School of Education. Play’s importance in school.

3 Ways To Foster Digital Citizenship in Schools

Ask a Tech Teacher

#ISTE had an interesting discussion on how to foster digital citizenship in schools. Here’s a peak at their conversation and then a link to the rest: 3 Ways To Foster Digital Citizenship in Schools. Digital Citizenship (Middle School). Digital Citizenship (High School).

Leadership Questions to Help Guide Design of a Virtual School

Education Elements

To support the planning of opening a virtual school, leaders can be overwhelmed with the volume of questions to consider — logistics, strategy, and purpose to name a few. New School Design Virtual Learning School Leadership

IT Challenges Schools Face


However, many schools and districts still struggle when it comes to understanding what IT tools and solutions might work for them – as well as how to leverage the technologies that they already have access to.

Eco-education: From eco-schools to eco-citizens


The educational system plays its part as well: from the development of environmentally-friendly learning spaces to the education of future eco-citizens , schools have the opportunity of becoming role models for their students and assume a more active role in addressing ecological issues.

Reimagining and Conquering COVID Limitations with Verizon Innovative Learning Schools

Digital Promise

This new school year welcomes a much-needed paradigm shift in the education world. While this school year feels much like the start of a new year, we are not naive to the challenges we still face in the brick-and-mortar walls of our building.

Are schools really safe?

eSchool News

When we think about school safety our first instinct is physical safety. Since the industrial revolution, school has been primarily taught in an authoritarian style where kids are judged constantly and relentlessly from academics to behaviors.

H?para: The Essential Tool for Every Google Classroom School

The CoolCatTeacher

para Student Dashboard at my school. para dashboard, students go to mystudentdashboard.com , sign in with their school Google account, and it works. para Improves the Google Classroom Experience Just remember, your school will need to purchase H?para,

Tools 323

Leadership During Crisis: Lessons and Learnings from the League of Innovative Schools

Digital Promise

The COVID-19 pandemic may have disrupted traditional classroom instruction, but it has not stopped schools from fostering meaningful connections and engaging in robust, student-centered teaching and learning. What are the most pressing challenges facing school districts at this moment?

The Show Must Go On: Virtual Arts with Verizon Innovative Learning Schools

Digital Promise

While most school districts are working to offer in-person learning to students this school year, hybrid or virtual learning will likely continue for many. Adam Bullock Carrithers Middle School Director of Bands. Carrithers Middle School Band (@carrithers_band) May 3, 2021.

Celebrating Standouts in Verizon Innovative Learning schools

Digital Promise

To highlight some of the standout programs and great work that has taken place at Verizon Innovative Learning schools across the country over the course of the 2018-19 school year, we’re excited to announce the initiative’s annual Schools of Excellence Award winners. Verizon Innovative Learning schools standouts. Congratulations to the Verizon Innovative Learning schools’ 2018-19 Schools of Excellence Award winners: District of the Year: Strong Out of the Gate.

Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Recognized for Addressing Digital Divide During Pandemic

Digital Promise

However, the VILS initiative provides devices (iPads or Chromebooks) with monthly data plans—which increased from 10GB to 30GB during the pandemic—to every student and teacher within its network, so the schools were well-positioned for a smoother transition than most.

What are Schools Getting Right at the Start of Another Year in COVID Education?

Digital Promise

Schools have, for the most part, opened, which has been a monumental lift for districts, schools, and most of all, teachers. I have three kids in school, coached in school districts with tens of thousands of students, and supported programs running in schools across the country.

16 Free Resources for Schools Who are Closing Due to Coronavirus

The CoolCatTeacher

Learn about 16 Free Resources for Schools Who Are Closing Due to Coronavirus Get prepared now. Join the Facebook group Temporary School Closure Support – many helpful conversations are in there. Edpuzzle Pro is available for schools closed due to the virus.

Starting and Sustaining a Data Habit in Your School

Education Elements

District Leadership School Leadership DataKnowledge is Power! Measure what Matters! If our cliches are an indicator, we all know that data collection, review, analysis, and understanding is important.

Data 242

Is It Worth Teaching School Kids SQL?

Ask a Tech Teacher

I get a lot of interest from high school teachers about teaching databases. One of our Ask a Tech Teacher contributors explains… Is It Worth Teaching School Kids SQL? These digital tools allow users to query vast amounts of information based on specific areas of interest.

Making the Case for Transforming Summer School

Education Elements

For most of us, summer school was a punishment for not passing a class. But at the end of the day, the hours spent in summer school are hours not spent working, looking after siblings, or just socializing. Teachers Virtual Learning School Leadership

Slow Pivots — What’s Driving the Change to Reimagine School Schedules?

Education Elements

School schedules and use of time are one of the few remaining relics of the industrialized learning model. Even when most schools moved to virtual learning in March 2020, many organizations replicated the existing bell schedule and instructed teachers to move their onsite instruction online.

How AI technologies support school safety

eSchool News

Nowhere is this more evident than in our schools – in how we safely teach our students and how our students learn, safely. The challenge with schools is that, from a safety perspective, educational institutions were already under siege.

20 back to school templates to save you time

Ditch That Textbook

Back to school is an exciting time. The post 20 back to school templates to save you time appeared first on Ditch That Textbook. It can also be overwhelming. Teachers have a LOT to plan: lessons, communication, organization, building community. and that just scratches the surface!That's

How School Librarians Are Evolving


School librarians must excel at research, teaching, technology, digital and information literacy, and library design to lead today’s school libraries

How to Create a Positive Teacher Experience in Your School

Education Elements

She asked what I wanted for lunch, said she would order it, and that we would eat together during our Zoom meeting later that day (where we would begin to reimagine what summer school could look like). Teacher Retention District Leadership School Leadership

How To 209

Going back to school face-to-face: 10 tips

Ditch That Textbook

After more than a year of remote instruction, some schools are going back to school face to face for the first time.For others, they've been face to face for a while, but the remote […]. The post Going back to school face-to-face: 10 tips appeared first on Ditch That Textbook.

School Cyberattacks: How the FBI Works to Protect School Districts


School cyberattacks are increasing, particularly ransomware attacks. The FBI has advice for keeping your school safe

Creating more interactive learning spaces in the new school year


At the start of a new school year, especially with some unknowns when it comes to whether we will be full in-person or shifting between learning environments, having various tools available as educators is necessary. There are also new templates available just in time for the new school year.

How schools can take cybersecurity to the next level

eSchool News

In early March, 15 schools in the United Kingdom reported they were made incapable of delivering online learning for students after a cyberattack forced the education trust to shut down all systems to investigate whether the cybercriminals accessed the central network infrastructure.

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20 Back-to-School Articles

Ask a Tech Teacher

On everything from get-to-know-you activities to getting yourself ready: 11+ Back-to-School Night Tips. 11 Back-to-school Activities for the First Month of School. Great Back to School Classroom Activities. Back to School Bundle of Lesson Plans at a Great Price. Plan a Memorable Back to School Night. New School Year? 5 Top Ways to Integrate Technology into the New School Year. 3 Organizational Apps to Start the School Year.