Learn How to Teach Online with This Free Course

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Here’s a free 3-hour course, Launching Online Learning , to get you started. Advancement Courses is a sponsor of my blog and podcast. This course will be time well spent as you being your journey to teach online.

Course 392

10 Awesome Courses To Improve Your Online Classroom

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I’ve also included the links to Advancement Courses’ professional development courses that relate to this topic. This course is sponsored by Advancement Courses. Flipping Your Classroom: Redefining Homework and Instruction is an excellent course to help you with this.

Course 369

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Benefits Of Taking An Online High School Courses


Thanks to the variety of courses, like hfa4u , that an online school can make available to its students, you can take the right class for you at the right time. Consider all the benefits of online high school courses and make the decision that works best for you today. education edtech online classes online high school courses virtual learning

Course 109

Scholarship Opportunity for Fully Accredited Online Courses

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I’m excited to announce that on July 5th my two new online courses begin, Methodologies for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages , and Connected Educators: Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Professional Development. If you or any teacher you know of could benefit from taking these online courses, then please complete this scholarship application. Reasons Edtechnology Specialists’ Courses Rock!

Course 166

Scholarship Opportunity for Fully Accredited Online Courses

Teacher Reboot Camp

I’m excited to announce that on July 5th my two new online courses begin, Methodologies for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages , and Connected Educators: Harnessing the Power of Social Media for Professional Development. If you or any teacher you know of could benefit from taking these online courses, then please complete this scholarship application. Reasons Edtechnology Specialists’ Courses Rock!

Course 166

The unintended benefits of online courses

The Christensen Institute

A La Carte courses—in which students’ teachers of record are online—are one of the fasted-growing blended-learning models in K–12 education and offer many students access to and flexibility within courses otherwise out of reach. But the market for online courses is also proving to be a lever by which school districts can reinvent themselves by marking a promising departure from districts’ traditional business operations, educator roles, and curriculum offerings.

Course 249

@VictoriaTheTech’s #1Favorite Microsoft Course!

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Guest Post by Victoria Thompson Victoria’s Favorite Microsoft Educator Center Courses – #1: Creating Classroom Communities Using Social and Emotional Practices Okay, so technically I am cheating a bit–this is a learning path (a set of courses) instead of just one course.

Guest post: How To Choose The Best Communications Course in Singapore


A communications course is always one of the most popular options among students in Singapore since communication skills are the first criteria that employers look for when hiring. Here are some of the steps you can consider when selecting a course. This course takes years to complete.

Course 158

Free digital course on Zoom

eSchool News

Several of these teachers do not know how to navigate online courses and distance learning. . . Actor and Voice talent, David Lawrence XVII, who is the creator of the voice acting website, vo2gogo.com decided to create a free digital course on Zoom targeted for teachers.

Inventionland: A Transformational Design Course

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Curriculum Specialist Mandy Figlioli is excited about her school’s adoption of the Inventionland design and prototyping course. Mandy talks about how the course is structured, gives a story of how students are being transformed, and shares how they are re-working the course based on what they learned the first year. Inventionland: A Transformational Invention Course. What first attracted me to her is a very interesting Inventionland Innovation Course.

Course 214

Learning Transformed Course

A Principal's Reflections

As a result, an online course was created with the help of Participate. Below you will see how the course is structured as well as learner outcomes. The most important aspect of this course is pushing learners to not only reflect on their own practice but to also develop focused plans to take action through constructivist learning theory. Course Description The Learning Transformed course is designed to support your classroom, district or school's transformation efforts!

Course 218

Free online courses form Scholastic

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Coronavirus Update Teaching & Learning device Education free grades learning need online online courses open resources scholastic schools student students teachersEven when schools must close, you can continue your student’s education with many cross-curricular journeys.

Effective online course design starts with people

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The shift to virtual learning in early 2020 put a spotlight on online course design, with all its flaws and inconsistencies. But there are good examples of effective online course design.

Course 102

Missouri misses Course Access moment

The Christensen Institute

On April 30, the House passed a bill to create a statewide Course Access program with a favorable vote of 110 to 40. To this end, Course Access programs can have substantial, positive effects on students’ learning outcomes. Consider, for example, these stories from students in nearby states where Course Access programs are available. All of these courses could easily be made available to every Missouri student through a statewide Course Access catalog.

Course 185

Customized, Practical PD for Teachers: Advancement Courses

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Sponsored by Advancement Courses From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. So, if you’re passionate about learning and want your courses to mean something, Advancement Courses could be a great fit for you. Sponsored by Advancement Courses. For a limited time, the coupon code COOLCAT20 entered at checkout will give followers 20% off any course. With this coupon, a 3 grad credit course is only $359 total.

Course 196

Designing courses for students with diverse needs


Of course, as a teacher, it can be difficult to pick up on specific issues a student might be having. These should include assignments that test students’ intellectual progress so far with a given topic, self-assessments about students’ learning skills and preparedness to move forward, and an open-ended survey allowing students to provide feedback about different teaching methods, materials, assignments, and exams within the course.

Course 259

Teton Science Schools Launches Online Courses

eSchool News

Teton Science Schools opened enrollment for 2020-21 Place Network Online courses for middle school students this week. Three courses will be offered this year. Courses are delivered virtually and taught by experienced Teton Science Schools’ faculty.

Sketchnotes: A mini-course and #Sketch50 challenges!

Ditch That Textbook

Let’s see if you sound like many people I’ve talked to about sketchnotes (and the former version of myself): “I’d love to be able to do that. I’d love for my students to be able to do it. But I can’t draw! I’m not an artist.” ” Sketchnoting (or visual notetaking) is a great skill for […]. Ed Tech

Course 213

9 Reasons You Should Join the Free Goal Minded Teacher Online Course!

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I am excited to announce that after a year collaborating with INTEF (Instituto Nacional de Tecnologías Educativas y de Formación del Profesorado) and the Ministry of Education and Culture in Spain, The Goal Minded Teacher: Challenges to Transform Student Learning ( #EduGoalsMOOC ) free open online course will launch on February 13, 2018. This Massive Open Online Course is based on The 30 Goals Challenge for Teachers , but this isn’t a requirement.

Course 202

'Better Every Semester': How Faculty Use Open Educational Resources to Improve Courses


It didn’t align with the structure of her course. But OER advocates think open access course materials hold another kind of promise for students, too. Every course should be better every time it’s taught,” he says. “It’s

Course 167

Get Your Donors Choose Project sponsored by Advancement Courses

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Advancement Courses is a fantastic option for flexible, affordable professional development Advancement Courses are self-paced and not tied to a semester or physical classroom, so you can study anywhere. Currently, Advancement Courses in partnership with DonorsChoose.org is working to help students and teaches in need. Between August 15 and September 28, Advancement Courses is donating 10% of all sales to DonorsChoose.org projects.

Course 221

Free computer programming courses

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This includes a growing library of 325+ courses in Python, R, SQL, and other technologies. DataCamp for the Classroom offers free access to data science and analytics educators across the globe to all DataCamp content.

3 Ways To Improve Student Success With Strong Course Design

Ask a Tech Teacher

It’s clear to me that the course design–how I lay out the mix of resources, homework, classwork, and more–affects how students absorb and share knowledge. One of our Ask a Tech Teacher contributors knows a lot about how course design impacts learning. I think you’ll like them: 3 Ways To Improve Student Success With Strong Course Design. Some underestimate the intensity of the course and complain after.

Course 193

5 ways to create online courses that improve retention

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Think back to the last online courses you completed. How were you able to apply the content after completing the courses? If you’re struggling to remember these basic aspects of the last course you completed, the course design could likely benefit from some improvement.

How courses like coding and design lead to tech literacy

eSchool News

Encouraging technology creators means engaging students in project-based technology courses that introduce them to coding, design, gaming, and animation. Technology is ubiquitous in the lives of today’s students.

How online courses can nurture emotional intelligence


How online courses can nurture emotional intelligence. And can online courses enable students to develop strategies to manage both their and others’ emotions, recognizing that it is also a key life skill required throughout their adulthood both socially, academically and financially. Let’s look at some of the key aspects of emotional intelligence, and explore how online courses can be developed or adapted to enable them. What are you goals for this course?

Course 281

Guest post: How to Make your eLearning Course More Interactive


For online students, there’s nothing worse than being subjected to a dull, boring eLearning course. If staying motivated to sit through the course was not tough enough, an uninteresting course makes it even harder. Being an online instructor, you need to get creative and find exciting ways to make your eLearning course informative and engaging for it to resonate with your students. Here are 4 ways to make your eLearning course more interactive.

Course 180

Texas fumbles on Course Access leadership

The Christensen Institute

Larry Taylor introduced a bill that would have removed barriers that block some students from accessing supplemental online courses offered through the Texas Virtual School Network (TxVSN). To give credit where it’s due, Texas is one of only seven states that provide students with access to online learning options through a statewide Course Access program. TxVSN has a catalog of more than 89 different courses—including U.S. Take an advanced science course, for example.

Course 201

Course Hero Adds $70 Million to Series B Fundraise


When Course Hero raised $10 million in early February, the amount seemed curiously small for $1.1 Andrew Grauer, co-founder and CEO of Course Hero, says this latest fundraise was “not in the works when we did the first close” of the Series B round, which was led by NewView Capital.

EdisonLearning and Pointful Education Partner To Expand Access To Online Career and Technical Courses

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The partnership will offer secondary students of all current and future EdisonLearning partners a wide variety of learning opportunities spanning several career pathways with courses ranging from eSports to Entrepreneurship.

A Crash Course in Summative Assessment


Teacher educator Curtis Chandler offers a crash course for doing just that – including tips on new apps and tools for summative assessment. The post A Crash Course in Summative Assessment first appeared on MiddleWeb.

5 key components of successful online courses

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Most teachers don’t have prior experience or professional development in teaching online courses effectively. Two months ago, nobody would have predicted that education at every level, from kindergarten through graduate programs, would either shut down or move online.

How to create beautiful online courses: colors


Your business as a teacher is to create the best possible courses for your students. Too many teachers focus on the educational part of their courses — making the chocolate — and simply forget about, or even ignore the visual part — adding a nice packaging to it. Wrapping your course materials in a nice visual way is not that hard, and shouldn’t take much time. Creating beautiful online courses with colors.

Course 265

How to create beautiful online courses: layout


But when your course is riddled with misspellings and ill-placed imagery, all your students will lose their focus from your message, and run to other more beautiful things. A great course design will support your message in many subtle ways. Creating beautiful online courses by mastering layout. So, what can you do to structure all your information so that your students spend enough time on each of your course pages? A small thing can pass by unnoticed.

Course 265

Simplify Course Design at Your Institution

Omega Notes

This reality is largely lead by the fact that educators are finding it challenging to implement a comprehensive content solution which permits effective design of blended learning courses. This creates confusion with students, ultimately leading to students struggling to understand expectations in the courses. The lack of cohesion in these courses create an environment where students lose confidence in themselves as they’re trying to understand content.

Some universities’ response to budget woes: Making faculty teach more courses

The Hechinger Report

It was at 8 one evening that a woman Stretch advises admitted she was having trouble catching up with three unfinished courses from a previous semester while taking a full load of additional classes and struggling to earn enough to pay tuition. “I

VHS Learning Partners with Schools in Massachusetts to Offer Online Courses

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Three Massachusetts schools are the latest to join the hundreds of schools around the world in choosing VHS Learning as an online course provider for their students. Students at participating schools enroll in any VHS Learning course of their choice as long as they meet course prerequisites.

Shake Up Learning Courses NOW 50% to Help with School Closures!

Shake Up Learning

The post Shake Up Learning Courses NOW 50% to Help with School Closures! All of the current Shake Up Learning courses are now 50% OFF to help more schools and teachers during coronavirus-related school closures. Shake Up Learning Courses NOW 50% to Help with School Closures!

Google Course Builder - create your own online courses

Educational Technology Guy

Google Course Builder is a new resource from Google that allows you to create your own online courses. Google used it to create their Power Searching with Google online course. It has all of the software and instructions for creating an online course. Your course can contain lesson materials, student activities, and assessments. There are also instructions for integrating other Google products into your course.

Course 169

Course Hero Joins the Edtech Unicorn Stable


I am careful about that term being the focus,” says Andrew Grauer, who co-founded Course Hero in 2006. billion, to be exact—comes courtesy of a $10 million Series B round from NewView Capital , whose founder and managing partner, Ravi Viswanathan, will join Course Hero’s board of directors.

Course 129

New 'Playbook' Explains Four Elements of Great Online Courses


Throughout, the playbook explores themes of providing students with support in online courses, making such courses equitable, and the importance of continuously improving them. Here are summaries of the four essential elements of successful online courses, according to the playbook.

Course 154

How Colleges Can Improve Accessibility In Remote Courses


But now that so many students are taking courses remotely, in improvised environments that may not be especially conducive to learning, it may take some extra effort to redesign instruction, assignments and assessments to address everyone’s needs.

Smarter eLearning: Promoting Higher-Leveling Thinking In Online Courses 

TeachThought - Learn better.

Smarter eLearning: Promoting Higher-Leveling Thinking In Online Courses . In addition, for online teachers, effective questioning techniques must be restructured to suit the technological medium of the course. contributed by Rosa Fattahi , WizIQ.

Course 114