Analysis: hundreds of colleges and universities show financial warning signs

The Hechinger Report

Dozens of colleges and universities nationwide started 2020 already under financial stress. Our analysis of the stress test results found: Nationwide, more than 500 colleges and universities show warning signs in two or more metrics. Colleges in Crisis.

More colleges and universities outsource services to for-profit companies

The Hechinger Report

The Tufts University campus was a quiet place in the fall, where students were scolded to stay in their dorms, checked frequently for Covid-19 and — if they tested positive — quarantined in modular housing set up on the tennis courts. Estimated annual spending by colleges and universities.


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10 Best US Colleges for Computer Science

Ask a Tech Teacher

If you’re a senior in HS looking to continue your tech education, we have a list of the ten best colleges that will help you perfect your skills: 10 Best Colleges in the USA to Study Computer Science. 2 Stanford University. 3 Harvard University. 8 Cornell University.

A regional public university’s identity crisis

The Hechinger Report

Given current circumstances, Richard Vedder, an economics professor emeritus at Ohio University, has decided to teach his fall course, “Economic History of Europe,” for a salary of $1. He says the university’s quality of education has declined, leaving the campus with “a crisis on our hands.”

Why so few students transfer from community colleges to four-year universities

The Hechinger Report

Students are often advised to start college at a public community college as a way to save thousands of dollars on a bachelor’s degree. When they first arrive, about 80 percent of community college students say they want to earn a bachelor’s degree.

As Traditional Colleges Grow, Online OPM Relationships Shift


The low figure and big name of the university offering it raised eyebrows across higher ed at a time when much of online education was seen as a watered down and commoditized version of on-campus instruction. Five years later, colleges are offering a range of fully online credentials — and they continue to move beyond one-off programs. The ongoing effort to scale is changing the way colleges bring online education to market. A cool $6,630.

3 Steps Colleges and Universities Can Take to Improve Campus Conditions Amid a Pandemic

EdNews Daily

Guest article by Brian Miller College enrollment was down this fall due to fears of COVID-19. Purdue University, for example, put testing protocols in place and installed Plexiglas barriers in classrooms.

Universities gone innovating

The Christensen Institute

Simmons College in Boston made headlines this week with the news that two online graduate degree programs it launched less than five years ago are on track to generate more tuition revenue than its 30 other graduate programs combined and nearly as much as its undergraduate offerings. In concert with that observation, just last week the Clayton Christensen Institute released new research by Alana Dunagan titled “ College Transformed: Five institutions leading the charge in innovation.”

OPINION: We must invest in engines of opportunity, our public colleges and universities

The Hechinger Report

Were it not for the community college course in fire science that he took as an adult, Carter wouldn’t have had access to any education after the vocational track in which he was placed in high school, nor would he have been able to advance in his work.

What to Know Before Moving From High School Teacher to College Professor

Ask a Tech Teacher

A logical step for many teachers is to progress from teaching High School to College. Here’s an good article from an Ask a Tech Teacher contributor on what you should know to make that a successful endeavor: What to Know Before Moving From High School Teacher to College Professor.

Most college students don’t graduate in four years, so college and the government count six years as “success”

The Hechinger Report

Millions of college freshmen are settling into college this fall, and 9 out of 10 of those pursuing bachelor’s degrees are confident they’ll finish in four years or less. Universities actually work against a four-year completion. After lobbying by universities and colleges, Sen.

In Massachusetts, public colleges send debt collectors after nearly 12,000 students

The Hechinger Report

Back when he was a sophomore at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, James Smith fell behind on his final housing payment after his family in Minnesota ran into financial problems. Smith said he promised to repay the university, but the registrar withheld his transcript anyway.

PROOF POINTS: COVID has been bad for college enrollment — but awful for community college students

The Hechinger Report

When the coronavirus hit in the spring of 2020, student surveys indicated that four-year colleges would be hit the hardest this fall, with many students turning to cheaper two-year community colleges until the pandemic ended. Will these students resume their college careers?

Colleges are withholding transcripts and degrees from millions over unpaid bills

The Hechinger Report

BOSTON — Gabriel Toro choked up behind his mask as he described the lengths it took him to complete his bachelor’s degree at the University of Massachusetts Boston. Related: Strapped for students, colleges finally begin to clear transfer logjam.

Applying Universal Design for Learning in remote classrooms


This, after all, is the concept of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a framework that aids curriculum designers and educators in ensuring that all learners receive the accommodations that are needed to help them excel in school. Applying Universal Design for Learning in remote classrooms.

City University of New York reverses its policy on withholding transcripts over unpaid bills

The Hechinger Report

The City University of New York announced Wednesday that it would temporarily stop withholding transcripts from students with unpaid bills, reversing a long-held policy that prevented thousands from transferring between schools or entering the careers of their choice.

Why College Matters for a Successful Career in Tech

Ask a Tech Teacher

There is a lot of conversation about college vs. career–the pros and cons of each weighed against the needs of individual students. Why would such a person interested in a tech career spend thousands of dollars to go to college instead of learning at home?

Check out the @TeacherCast Presentation from Columbia Universities Teacher College


On March 11, 2015, I had the honor of speaking at the Columbia University Teacher''s College. For more information: On March 11, 2015, I had the honor of speaking at the Columbia University Teacher''s College. For more information: Educational Speech Video keynote video

Video 141

With competition up, enrollment down, colleges are spending billions on marketing and advertising

The Hechinger Report

WASHINGTON — It was the personalized emails that got Jadyn Turner to consider Catholic University when she was choosing a college. She still has them in her phone, along with a photo of herself holding up the Catholic University banner that came in the mail.

??Why white students are 250% more likely to graduate than Black students at public universities

The Hechinger Report

When Diamante Hare stepped onto Northeastern Illinois University’s campus in Chicago for the first time in 2018, he was gambling with thousands of dollars of grants, scholarships and loans — and his future. Why do four-year colleges count graduation “success” as six years?

Colleges face reckoning as plummeting birthrate worsens enrollment declines

The Hechinger Report

Only bird songs penetrate the silence on the neatly tended but deserted grounds of Becker College. The college, which traces its origins to 1784, held its last-ever commencement this spring after a steady erosion of enrollment. The campus of the University of Iowa.

Pressure mounts for universities to anticipate in-demand jobs

The Hechinger Report

We are almost at crisis mode,” said Perlmutter, who directs the phlebotomy program at Pennsylvania’s Montgomery County Community College. Only 11 percent of business leaders in a Gallup poll said college graduates were effectively prepared for the workforce.

Some universities’ response to budget woes: Making faculty teach more courses

The Hechinger Report

An English professor at Southern Connecticut State University, Cynthia Stretch is used to meeting after hours with her students, many of whom work full time while in college. Related: More colleges and universities outsource services to for-profit companies.

Colleges fight attempts to stop them from withholding transcripts over unpaid bills

The Hechinger Report

But the academic transcript Harris needs for a promotion and a raise is being kept from him by the private college he attended because of a balance he owes for expenses he didn’t know weren’t covered by financial aid. Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities in New York.

OPINION: How to use university endowments for coronavirus recovery

The Hechinger Report

In the face of the coronavirus, some courageous university leaders have stepped up to protect their students, their employees and their communities. university endowments exceeds the most recent Covid-19 relief package passed by Congress.

OPINION: Doubling Pell Grants is just one side of the college cost coin

The Hechinger Report

Sending your child to college is a daunting process — even for someone who has spent decades working alongside workforce and education systems. We must also work to address the opportunity costs of attending college. Related: For adults returning to college, ‘free’ tuition isn’t enough.

As students fill summer courses, many ask: Why aren’t all colleges open in the summers?

The Hechinger Report

The University of La Verne in Southern California has had twice as many traditional undergraduates sign up for the summer as it did last year. You won’t know it from their mostly empty campuses, but colleges and universities will be bustling this summer.

Course 107

Graduate Students Want to Solve ‘Wicked Problems.’ Are Universities Delivering?


Solving them may require training young scholars to be “ wicked students ,” to use a phrase from Paul Hanstedt, director of the Washington & Lee University teaching and learning center. Climate change. Social inequality. Civic responsibility.

College degree doesn’t pay off as well for first-generation grads

The Hechinger Report

Christelle Louis’s single mother, a Haitian immigrant and certified nursing assistant at a nursing home, never went to college. Job seekers look at job applications at a career fair on the quad at Los Angeles City College. Christelle Louis, first-generation college graduate.

Some colleges and universities are bringing the classroom to the workplace

The Hechinger Report

Student Chris Provencher sharpening the edges of a ski in a rental shop where he works as part of Castleton University’s resort and hospitality management program, taught at the Killington ski area. “We Another university teaches fermentation at a brewery.

Activists question whether wealthy universities should be exempt from property taxes

The Hechinger Report

When the University of Pennsylvania said it would pay $10 million a year for 10 years to address environmental hazards in Philadelphia’s public schools, Gerald Campano’s reaction was complicated. “Of But since the 1970s, nonprofit universities have grown and municipal budgets have declined.

How Universities Should Manage Innovation

The Christensen Institute

Innovation has reached buzzword status inside colleges and universities. College costs have continued to rise even as the average applicant is less able to pay, which has called into question many colleges’ sustainability. As innovation becomes a major part of colleges and universities’ strategies, creating processes to manage it is vital. The first step involves clarifying a university’s goals.

OPINION: Why working while in college can be a bad investment for students

The Hechinger Report

Every school year and summer during my time as a first-generation college student, I worked to put myself through college. Even before the pandemic, nearly 70 percent of all full-time college students were working, diverting time from academic and student life.

3 Native American women head to college in the pandemic. Will they get a sophomore year? 

The Hechinger Report

In high school, Cante Skuya Lonehill-Stover, who is Oglala Lakota, decorated her bedroom wall with a photo of her dad waving goodbye to his grandparents from below their porch as he left for college. Her grandmother discouraged Cante from returning home from college for his funeral.

TEACHER VOICE: College students who lack basic skills can learn to love reading and writing

The Hechinger Report

I taught basic English writing at two community colleges in New Mexico before I retired in 2019. My students tended to be motivated; otherwise, they wouldn’t have been in college at all. Related: How a decline in community college students is a big problem for the economy.

The Unintended Consequences of Universal Preschool


trillion American Families Plan is its ambitious proposal to create something tantamount to universal preschool for 3- and 4-year-olds. thanks to measures approved in the November 2020 election, though these plans will take some time to become truly universal.

Colleges weighed down by failed program launches

The Christensen Institute

As many colleges and universities face not only the financial strains stemming from COVID-19, but also the challenges of a broken business model that was in peril before the pandemic, many have sought to dig themselves out by launching new programs that generate new revenue.

Beer making for credit: Liberal arts colleges add career tech

The Hechinger Report

A Yale-educated evolutionary biologist and a member of the faculty at Catholic, liberal arts-focused Sacred Heart University, Geffrey Stopper also oversees one of its newest courses: Advanced Craft Beverage Brewing. Nursing students at Sacred Heart University. STRATFORD, Conn. —

COLUMN: The high school-college hybrid that jumpstarts careers

The Hechinger Report

Last month he became his family’s first college graduate. He now has plenty of career options, no debt and a diploma from Cornell University. The book is being published this month by Teachers College Press; The Hechinger Report is an independent unit of Teachers College).

Where are all the men on college campuses?

The Hechinger Report

That colleges have suffered big drops in enrollment isn’t news, but a closer look shows that the decline is worst among a part of the population that once made up the majority in higher education: men. The post Where are all the men on college campuses?

Colleges hoping for more public funds instead of innovating risk hurting themselves

The Christensen Institute

University of California President Janet Napolitano took recently to the pages of the Washington Post to review and critique new books on the future of higher education by University Ventures Fund Managing Director Ryan Craig ( College Disrupted: The Great Unbundling of Higher Education ) and New America Foundation’s Education Policy Program Director Kevin Carey ( The End of College: Creating the Future of Learning and the University of Everywhere ).

Alabama community college overhaul improves the odds for unprepared students

The Hechinger Report

HANCEVILLE, Alabama — Dawn Overton returned to college early this year, a mother of five boys looking for a career change and less time on her feet after 22 years as a nursing assistant. Wallace State Community College President Vicki P.

The pandemic is speeding up the mass disappearance of men from college

The Hechinger Report

Debrin Adon, a senior at the University Park Campus School in Worcester, Massachusetts. His male classmates “don’t think they’re smart enough” for college, Adon says. When he and his male classmates talk about going to college, said Debrin Adon, it always comes down to one thing.