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Classroom Activities for Earth Day

Ask a Tech Teacher

April 22nd is Earth Day, a day when (historically) more than 1 billion people in 192 countries put the Earth’s health ahead of convenience, habits, and cultural norms.

Announcing the 2021 Cohort of HP Teaching Fellows

Digital Promise

We’re excited to announce the 2021 cohort of HP Teaching Fellows! The new cohort includes 26 educators from across the United States and Canada, selected for their excellence in powerful teaching and learning with technology. HP Teaching Fellows Exemplify Powerful Learning.


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Will Existing Mental Models Threaten Post-pandemic Progress in Education?

Catlin Tucker

Over the last 14 months, people have asked me, “What do you hope the silver lining of this tough year will be?” ” I hope educators and educational institutions use this year and the lessons learned to reimagine “school” and how we design and facilitate learning.

10 Ways to Move Forward: Learning Gaps and Post Pandemic Learning [Free Webinar]

The CoolCatTeacher

Tuesday, April 20 at 7 pm ET join us for the free webinar From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis Follow @coolcatteacher on Twitter. It is time to move forward in education. As we do this, we want to examine the research and apply it to what we are doing in schools now.

Tips for incentivizing your teachers team while working remotely

Ask a Tech Teacher

This is a how-to article from an Ask a Tech Teacher contributor describing clever ways to make remote teaching work. A recommended read if your remote program isn’t working as you’d hoped: Tips for incentivizing your teachers team while working remotely.

Podcast pedagogy: Leveraging audio programs for learning


It was probably over ten years ago when our after-school multi-media club began creating podcasts for our school using GarageBand on our MacBook Pro.

Is it the government’s job to build infrastructure? It depends.

The Christensen Institute

In March, the Biden administration announced a behemoth infrastructure package. The more than $2 trillion plan is designed to create jobs, boost America’s productivity by building or upgrading the nation’s infrastructure, and position the United States as a leader in clean energy.

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Need math resources? Have students try these

Ask a Tech Teacher

Struggling with helping students learn math when you can’t be at their side? Try these videos ( check here for updates to links ): Bright Storm math videos. Khan Academy –online progressive math program; free. Math Class with Terry V. Math DrBob . Math Videos. Math videos –clean, nice.

Navigating a Year of Distance Learning as an Instructional Coach

Digital Promise

After a year of 100 percent remote learning, an affirmation I practice with my teachers is: “We are still here in this work for our students and community.” Some days it feels like we’re trudging through, but we take time to celebrate the bright spots and hold space for each other.

Teacher Tech Tok: Seeking out opportunities for micro PD

Ditch That Textbook

This post is written by Lindsay Zilly. Lindsay is the Director of Professional Learning for Illinois Digital Educators Alliance. She is a Google Certified Educator, Apple Learning Specialist, Microsoft Innovative Educator, Seesaw Ambassador and Apple Teacher 2016.

Taking a closer look at IoT’s transformative potential in education


Starting as a connection of non-standard devices to the Internet, such as smart thermostats, lighting, locks, or speakers, the Internet of Things (IoT) has had applications in various domains with the purpose of making our lives easier.

LMS 221

Using VR in Schools

Ask a Tech Teacher

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are buzzwords that every educator wants to know more about. They are two distinct functions.

New iCoachTEAM Partnership Sets out to Improve Equity in Middle School Math

Digital Promise

Mathematics achievement is a national challenge, with persistent inequities across K-12 student subpopulations. Only 41 percent of fourth graders—and worse, 34 percent of eighth graders—are proficient in math.

STEM 185

Organize, Streamline, and Empower Learning with H?para

A Principal's Reflections

The world has radically changed in unprecedented ways. Educators navigate uncharted waters that continually fluctuate as a result of COVID-19 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Hapara 200

If schools want to serve students equitably, getting the metrics right is everything

The Christensen Institute

COVID-19 has not impacted all communities to the same degree. Rather, some communities are disproportionately impacted.

Data 187

Why Jo Boaler Believes This Math Curriculum Is the Key to Promoting Growth Mindset


When Dr. Jo Boaler started her teaching career in inner-city London—in a culturally diverse school population with roughly 250 different languages spoken—she was tasked with teaching math to students assigned to the bottom track.

Course 165

12 Smart Apps For Collaborative Learning In The Classroom

TeachThought - Learn better.

12 Smart iPad Apps For Collaborative Learning. by TeachThought Staff. Using the iPad for collaborative learning isn’t the most seamless thing in the world.

Celebrate JiJi Day 2021 with ST Math Activities

MIND Research Institute

JiJi Day is an opportunity to celebrate and foster a positive school culture around mathematics, perseverance, and growth mindset. JiJi is the penguin featured in ST Math!

The newest threat to health equity: digital access

The Christensen Institute

Over the last several months, we’ve explored the importance of addressing the social determinants of health in order to advance health equity.

How Do You Teach in a Pandemic? Focus on Core Values


For many years, I listened regularly to the This I Believe podcast, which showcased people from all walks of life sharing the core values that guide their daily lives. Though it has been off the air for quite some time, I still think back to these stories and their poignant reflections.

Benefits Of Taking An Online High School Courses


If you have ever wondered if there was a good reason to take your high school education away from the big buildings and into the comfort of your own home, then now is the best time to consider all of the benefits of taking classes online. While there was a time when students all had to do their studies the same as everyone else, now you can reap the benefits of new technology that might make for a better fit for your lifestyle. Take a look at these examples to make the right decision for you. .

Course 109

Review: Level Up with Lenovo’s 2nd Gen 100e Chromebook

EdTech Magazine

In today’s hybrid educational environment, Chromebooks have made learning more mobile and accessible for K–12 students. Lenovo’s 2nd generation 100e Chromebook blends practicality, affordability and ruggedness into a truly compelling package.

Lenovo 103

Want to remake assessment? Think disruptively.

The Christensen Institute

The K–12 world is in the midst of another heated debate over testing. Last spring, states were given a reprieve from implementing federally-mandated standardized tests due to COVID.

Kindergarten Transitions Are Never Easy. But the Pandemic Has Made Them Harder.


In an ordinary year, a child’s entrance into kindergarten is a major milestone for students and their families. The transition can be filled with trepidation, anticipation, eagerness and uncertainty.

How this Texas district prioritizes SEL

eSchool News

The Covid-19 pandemic may be on everyone’s minds right now, but school districts grappled with another pandemic before the virus changed our world. School violence incidents such as the Parkland School shooting were increasing, and students’ physical and mental well-being were at critical levels.

Data 101

Review: Interact Seamlessly with the Promethean ActivPanel Titanium

EdTech Magazine

When I first reviewed the Promethean ActivPanel Titanium in December 2019, I was impressed with many of its teacher-friendly features, such as a user-friendly interface, reliable security and easy access to commonly used tools in a unified menu.

Rural schools have a teacher shortage. Why don’t people who live there, teach there?

The Hechinger Report

For the past six years, Shari Daniels has tried to be the person she wishes she had in her life as a student. This story also appeared in USA Today. Daniels grew up on the Fort Peck Reservation , home to about 6,000 members of the Assiniboine and Sioux Tribes, in northeast Montana.

How A Single Platform Enables Successful Co-Teaching and Engagement in Remote Learning


Over the course of three years working together, Ohio teacher Heather Nesler and her co-teacher perfected a smoothly choreographed approach to co-teaching inclusive eighth-grade math classes. Their strategy—which included using Pear Deck’s platform —was supportive and engaging.

5 tools to amplify student voice

eSchool News

As we prepare students for college, career, and life, it’s vital that we foster skills that will ensure students are successful. As educators, we’ve heard about the importance of the “21st century 4 C’s” to our students’ future success.

Adobe 101

Hybrid Teaching Begins for Many After Spring Break


Many teachers return from Spring Break this week and will begin a new chapter in teaching as they return to in-person learning for the first time in over a year. One learning model that is being embraced by many districts in California is the hybrid learning model.

OPINION: New research shows that ninth grade matters more than ever

The Hechinger Report

Most of the next class of ninth graders spent half of their middle school lives in an altered educational environment. And, as a result of the pandemic, many tenth and eleventh graders will need extra support to graduate on time.

Course 100

What If Students Didn’t Have to Leave Community Colleges to Earn Bachelor’s Degrees?


Set a few miles from the sea and surrounded by swampy state parks, Indian River Community College was for years a lone outpost of higher education on Florida’s Treasure Coast.

How AI is revolutionizing education

eSchool News

Artificial intelligence will accelerate the evolution of teaching and learning. Overall, AI should allow students to get personalized instruction and teachers to have more free time to prepare classes and update their information.

Create a Badge in Google Drawings

Teacher Tech

Design your own badges in Google Drawings. The post Create a Badge in Google Drawings appeared first on Teacher Tech. Advanced Draw Gamification Google draw gamification google GoogleEDU

Colleges now produce fewer Black graduates in math and engineering

The Hechinger Report

A junior who is studying bioengineering, Amida Koroma has been a fixture on the dean’s list at the University of Maryland. Yet Koroma, who is Black, said she feels as if many of her white peers dismiss her as less capable.

Trust the Process: How to Choose and Use Edtech That Actually Works


We’ve all read the news over the past year, and it’s no longer a surprise that many schools around the country were woefully unprepared for COVID-19. According to one recent survey , nine in 10 educators expect technology to play an increased role in the coming years.

EdTech 136

Digital tools prove critical for early learners during COVID

eSchool News

For early learners, nothing beats in-class learning. Having a teacher in close proximity to assess the needs of their students is critical for growth. 2020 threw a wrench in that format, forcing students and teachers to communicate digitally.

Tools 94