Helping Diverse Communities Create a Relationship with the Maritime Industry

Digital Promise

The first of its kind in Puget Sound, this high school engages students interested in pursuing a career in the maritime industry, the third largest economic driver in the state. In fact, the maritime industry is projecting a shortage of more than 150,000 mariners by 2025.

Education for the 4th Industrial Revolution

A Principal's Reflections

Little did we know that we were in the midst of the 3rd Industrial Revolution and the dawn of the computer age was upon us. Whether you like it or not, we are in the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution and have been so for many years. Tom Murray and I presented a call to action, highlighting the need to transform teaching, learning, and leadership in Learning Transformed to meet the demands and challenges inherent in the 4th Industrial Revolution.


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Preparing Learners for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

A Principal's Reflections

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In Learning Transformed , my co-author Tom Murray and I looked in detail at the disruptive changes we are all seeing currently, but also those that are yet to come. We believe that we are in the first few days of the next Industrial Revolution and that the coming age will systematically shift the way we live, work, and connect to and with one another. Known to some as Industry 4.0, Do you like change?

Introduce Computational Thinking with the Music Industry

Digital Promise

We’re excited to release two new resources—a short video and a two-page handout—that teachers can use to introduce students to how the music industry is using data and computation. In the context of our National Science Foundation-funded Playful Assessment project, we’ve found the music industry provides a wonderfully realistic, relevant, and meaningful context for middle school students. How teachers can use the music industry to engage students with data.

6 E-learning trends currently shaping up the industry


The e-learning industry is constantly evolving. With new learning technologies and techniques always emerging and evolving, it can be hard for anyone involved in creating and delivering learning materials to keep up. E-learning trends come and go. Some current trends that shape up the e-learning industry at the moment are rather new, others are currently under the spotlight, while others are proven tactics that will continue to lead to great results.

How Is Cloud Computing Revolutionizing the Education Industry?

Ask a Tech Teacher

Simply put, there are quite a few reasons why institutions can profit from the employment of such technologies for teaching and learning purposes. Results can be then assessed and graded accordingly, which facilitates the overall learning experience immensely. the future of learning will happen online, and there’s no doubt about that. You can find her resources at Structured Learning. When I started teaching, syncing work between school and home was impossible.

Industry awards

Turning Learning On Its Head

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Savvas Learning Company’s Experience Chemistry Wins Gold Stevie Award, Its Fourth EdTech Industry Honor Since the Product’s Launch

eSchool News

We would like to thank the American Business Awards for honoring Experience Chemistry as an exceptional science learning solution,” said Bethlam Forsa, CEO of Savvas Learning Company. Another judge remarked, “I want to go back to school and learn through Experience Chemistry.

STUDENT VOICE: Women need more and better opportunities in the construction industry

The Hechinger Report

Here is where I learned to seize the opportunities offered by a graduate education. Through them, I plan to make a difference in the construction industry and evolve as an entrepreneur in construction and sustainable energy.

How the edtech industry can help get education back on track

eSchool News

With this understanding, we must look for ways that we, the edtech industry, can add true value to these groups in order to help get them back on track in the current and post-pandemic worlds.

The Collapse of China’s Online Tutoring Industry Is Taking American Educators Down With It


The exact reach of these companies—this industry—is not clear, but their collective footprint is massive, global and estimated to be worth billions of dollars. The mother is not happy this happened, but she has more control now over what her child learns,” Madrid explained.

Survey: Education Among Top Industries for AR/VR Investments

EdTech Magazine

Survey: Education Among Top Industries for AR/VR Investments. When asked which industries these immersive technologies are most applicable to, 41 percent said education. MORE FROM EDTECH: Read about ways AR and VR add value to teaching and learning. How AR, VR and Mixed Reality Enhance Learning. It’s already begun to take hold in social media (think Snapchat filters), and virtual 3D spaces for learning are likely to become the norm in the near future.

The shift of education in the coaching and training industry.

Linways Technologies

But unlike our other blogs, we’re about to discuss education in the mainstream institutional domain, but in the coaching/training industry. The coaching and training industry in India is a booming sector and it has seen unprecedented growth in the past decade. Education is changing.

As China’s Online Tutoring Industry Dries Up, Americans Search for the Next-Best Gig


What happens when a $120 billion industry disappears overnight is anybody’s guess, but companies and tutors are already scrambling to make contingency plans. They know what it takes to engage kids and get them excited about learning.”

Disruptive technologies in Education industry


AI and Machine Learning together can create powerful applications that will prepare students and teachers for 21st century curriculum. Some areas where AI applications can be seen across the globe are: Personalizing learning : Based on a student's learning, AI and ML algorithms are able to understand and customize needs of a student and provide appropriate learning resources. It increases the human engagement and makes learning more fun.

What the Edtech Industry Should Know About the Worst Parts of Remote Learning


My family is fortunate to be able to accommodate and support the new paradigm of distance learning. How do we support and innovate around social-emotional learning when we’re so high on emotions and so short of socializing?

OPINION: Our child care industry is in free fall, and that’s bad news for all children

The Hechinger Report

Labor Department data shows that the child care industry is down more than 125,000 educators, with 10,000 having left their jobs since June. The post OPINION: Our child care industry is in free fall, and that’s bad news for all children appeared first on The Hechinger Report.

‘Little Band-Aids’ Won’t Fix the Child Care Industry. New Report Proposes an Overhaul.


Folks need to understand that without better support for this workforce, this industry, it just may not be here in a year.”. Education Technology Early Learning Workforce Training

Rethink Your Grading Practices

Catlin Tucker

Grading at home robs us of precious time with our families, time to relax, and time to create dynamic learning experiences for students. I explain that I use blended learning models, like Station Rotation and Whole Class Rotation, to create the time and space needed to move assessment into the classroom. ” When I hear this, I wonder how much students learn when we race through content but do not dedicate time to supporting the development of specific skills. Learning

The Coronavirus’ Chilling Effect Hits Edtech Industry Conferences


spike in coronavirus cases, which currently numbers around 118 cases in 16 states , is leaving the edtech conference industry with an existential (if not quite Shakespearean) question at the start of its busy events season: to host or not to host? The recent U.S.

Evolving Print Industry

eSchool News

recently most programs tied to the Printing Industry revolved around the traditional offset. While the offset printing industry is still a vibrant business that requires skilled. trade workers, the fact remains that the printing industry is undergoing dramatic changes with. Contact GovConnection to learn more type of CTA. If you’re involved in Career and Technical Education (CTE), you are probably aware that until.

What Colleges Are Doing to Fight the 'Contract Cheating' Industry


This problem has the potential to question our entire industry, or at least put it into question,” says Adel Lelo, a senior principal product manager at Western Governors University. Education Technology Artificial Intelligence Digital Learning in Higher Ed Higher Education

MobileMind Launches the Industry’s First Crowd-Sourced Professional Learning Hub: MobileMind Community

eSchool News

ATLANTA— MobileMind , the modern professional learning hub for schools, has launched MobileMind Community, the industry’s first competency-based, crowd-sourced PD platform.

Kajeet Appoints Industry Veteran Chris Felix as Vice President of Education Sales

eSchool News

Kajeet is the only managed IoT connectivity services provider in the industry to offer a scalable IoT management platform, Sentinel®, that includes complete visibility into real-time data usage, policy control management, custom content filters for added security and multi-network flexibility.

Where is Your Learning Culture?

A Principal's Reflections

How the structure and function of a learning culture lead to improvements in achievement and outcomes is where change efforts should be focused. Where is your learning culture? As I have written in the past, we are well into the 4th Industrial Revolution characterized by automation, advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, and disruptive innovation. Think about what needs to happen to make needed shifts to practice that aligns with the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Education and Industry Leaders Rethink Back-to-School Season at Inaugural Summit


If there’s too much time between training and using the tech in class, you risk teachers losing some of what they’ve learned. With battle cries of “Digital on day one!,” districts launch into back-to-school planning around this time each year.

CoSN 2018: Educators Rethink Learning Paradigms in 'Fourth Industrial Revolution'

EdTech Magazine

CoSN 2018: Educators Rethink Learning Paradigms in 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' Thoughtful application of emerging technologies can help educators solve problems and achieve the best outcomes for 21st-century learners. amy.burroughs_26341. Tue, 03/13/2018 - 16:31. Video ID. 1384004311. video type. Conference. CDW VV2 Strategy. CDW Segment. Customer Focused. False. Buying Cycle. Engagement. Pull Quote.

Aceable Drives Its Way Into Other Training Industries — and $50M in Funding


But the company has since expanded into another industry—one that is growing as a result of the pandemic. Education Technology Financing Workforce Training Adult LearningAs Blake Garrett was bouncing around ideas for a new business in 2012, he had some sense of what he wanted to build.

Industry-Leading Charging Cart Company Launches new Caddy to Support Classroom Technology

eSchool News

To provide safety to children and their technology in classrooms across the United States, an industry leader in charging solutions launches two new carts with device caddy compatibility on October 4.

The child care system is facing collapse. Could unionizing help bring the industry back from the brink?

The Hechinger Report

I even bought a new computer so if theirs aren’t working, they have another one to use,” said Sanders, a licensed child care provider who has worked in the industry for more than 30 years. But now they see the teaching and learning that goes on in our programs.”

‘Back to School’ Hijinks and Lessons for the Education Industry


But to the BMO’s annual education industry conference, where company executives, investors, bankers and financiers of all stripes descended in their suits and slacks (but very few ties). His fellow panelist, Carnegie Learning CEO Barry Malkin, noted that smaller players can win adoption through reliable, third-party efficacy studies. I think the supplemental-core division is a construct of the publishing industry.”

5 reasons your classroom needs an industry expert

eSchool News

Educators have learned that linking classrooms to the real world helps engage students and teaches them the “why” behind what they learn. Connecting them with an industry expert who works in that field and can answer students’ questions and help them gain an in-depth look at where a future in math or physics might take them. ” (Next page: 5 ways an industry expert can inspire students).

Edmentum to Acquire Apex Learning, an Industry Leader in Virtual and Hybrid Learning for Middle and High School Students

eSchool News

Apex’s mission of making a difference in education complements Edmentum’s drive to amplify teaching and propel student learning forward. We are absolutely committed to high-quality learning content and scalable technology, and are very tightly aligned to Edmentum’s strategic vision.

Victorian Britain: Industrial Nation


hrough six modules of primary sources, students will have the opportunity to learn different views of the use of child labor in some of United Kingdom’s coal mines back in 1842. Techlearning Resources Site of the Week

Discovery Education and Industry Leaders Launch Social-Emotional Learning Coalition to Address Critical Educator and Student Needs with No-Cost Resources

eSchool News

Wednesday, April 28, 2021) — Discovery Education – the global leader in standards-aligned digital curriculum resources, engaging content, and professional learning for K-12 classrooms – today launched the new Social-Emotional Learning Coalition. Silver Spring, Md.

Opinion: Protect The Taxi Cab Industry From Innovation

TeachThought - Learn better.

Opinion: Protect The Taxi Cab Industry From Innovation a tongue-in-cheek opinion piece by Terry Heick We have to protect the taxicab industry from disruptive innovation. The post Opinion: Protect The Taxi Cab Industry From Innovation appeared first on TeachThought. The Future Of Learning Terry HeickAfter a century of dominance in the moving-very-small-groups-of-people-around-a-city market, outside forces have disrupted cabs as the de facto method for people-moving.

How Remote Proctoring has upgraded the E-Learning Industry?

Think Exam

With the sudden rise in demand for E-Learning platforms during COVID, remote proctoring software started to gain its much-awaited recognition. Remote proctoring has been available from the past few years but it wasn’t acknowledged on a wider basis.

Edtech Industry Magnate Michael Moe Makes a Pivot


In an interview with EdSurge, Moe reflects on his path that took him on a “25-year passion” in the education industry, and what lies ahead. We took [what became] Bright Horizons public and Renaissance Learning. At the time, healthcare was a large industry—like 8 percent of GDP—but it was a cottage industry and wildly fragmented. It was a cottage industry. It’s the second largest industry in the U.S.

Coding and Programming a GoPiGo from Dexter Industries

My Paperless Classroom

In this episode of the TeacherCast Podcast, we welcome Dexter Industries on the program to showcase their new robot called GoPiGo, the world's best-selling Raspberry Pi Robot. Learn how you can take advantage of a free 45-day trial of the new GoPiGo robot as well as use our coupon code at checkout when purchasing your next kit from Dexter Industries. The post Dexter Industries (GoPiGo Podcast) appeared first on TeacherCast Educational Broadcasting Network.

ManagedMethods Launches Industry-leading Student Cyber Safety Monitoring Powered by Artificial Intelligence

eSchool News

We have put a tremendous amount of effort into developing the K-12 education industry’s leading AI technology for student safety monitoring over this past year,” said Charlie Sander, Chief Executive Officer at ManagedMethods. Please visit the ManagedMethods Signals Demo Webinar registration page to sign up and learn more.

Bridging the School-to-Business Gap: What Public Schools Can Learn From Industry


As many of us know, modern public schools have roots in the Industrial Age; they were designed to prepare students for the 19th century workforce. Learning was sorted into disconnected subjects and compartmentalized by grades and age groups, with students sent along the proverbial conveyor belt of learning. Modern industry, however, has broken away from this tradition. The teacher is not the evaluator of the project at all—industry professionals are the evaluators.

Tech Domains Partners with & Domain Industry Giants to Bridge the Widening Gender & Race Gap in Computer Science

eSchool News

The campaign comes as the rapid acceleration of digitization compels all industries to embrace innovation, increasing the importance of coding skills and overall investment in STEM. About.Tech Domains Launched in 2015,TECH is a leading new domain extension for the tech industry.

The Most Important Skills for the 4th Industrial Revolution? Try Ethics and Philosophy.


For those keeping count, the world is now entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution. But at last month’s WISE@NY Learning Revolutions conference, supported by the Qatar Foundation, panelists offered a surprising alternative for the skills that will be in most demand: philosophy, ethics and morality education. Panelists also emphasized the need for children to be equipped with the mindset and confidence to pursue learning throughout their lives.